October 8, 2023 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

Members in Attendance: Daniel Lockley, Mandy Walker-LaFollette, Tendai Muparutsa, Heather Steele, Maria Minnaar Bailey, Janis Weeks
Members Absent: Chris Halaska, Alex Weeks
Non-voting members in attendance: Claire Jones, Asher Lockley, Jared Muparutsa
Meeting lead: Mandy
Notes taker(s): Heather, Mandy
Was a quorum of Board members present?: Yes

September Minutes/Synopsis:

Already approved

Interview Prep (All)

Interview Adrienne Stewart (All)

ZA Board interviewed Adrienne Stewart as a potential new Board member.

Interview Debrief/Decision (All)

No concerns voiced, consensus is that she will bring a good perspective and be a valuable member of the board. Assets: organized, understands how nonprofits, including Zimfest, work. She was officially invited and accepted.

Gary Financial Report – Postponed until November

Note: Expect to see a festival and association loss for 2023.

Claire will apply for another ArtsWA COVID Recovery grant based on 2020-22 financials with a max $5000 award.

Board Term Discussion (All)

Follow up/review of how long members have been in current roles, and follow-up on last meeting action items.

Tech Team Report – Postponed until November

One project in progress: making Google Drive more accessible/user-friendly for OC members.

Social Media and Media Curation (Claire, Mandy)

Media Curation is under the purview of the board, but we need an outside contributor – year-round volunteer? We need a writeup and call for volunteers. Note that it would look good on a resume.

Reviewed social media account access.

Zimfest Nonprofit Renewal (due 11/30)

Washington State Charities Registration renewal: Claire will get together with and hand over to Heather.

Zimfest Site Evaluations (Claire)

There is general agreement that we want to alternate between WA state and OR state. WA would be up for 2025 in that case.

Claire’s proposal: pursue Heather Ward’s Spokane ideas.

In Bellingham the hangup is concert space (10pm curfew in student union concert hall), but the gym has been renovated, and we could consider outdoor concerts? Claire will send Adrienne info to pursue.

Adrienne suggested that Vancouver, WA might appeal to Oregonians (having festivals in WA is easier for us to get grants, etc.). There is a WSU campus there. Another idea would be WSU’s main campus in Pullman. Easy airport access there.

Claire is willing to revisit Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), but they have been flaky with communication. Concert space was a problem in the past, but we should look into the possibility of outdoor concerts (is there a curfew?).

Updated info on Venues Researched as Potential Zimfest Sites is on the website.