Venues Researched As Potential Zimfest Sites

The following venues have been researched (from 2013 on) as potential Zimfest sites; last revised Sept 2018 by Claire Jones. See also: Past Festivals.


  • Reed College, Portland – They are committed to Chamber Music NW Summer Festival June to July and cannot accommodate Zimfest at the same time. Dorms go offline in August so there is no summertime date possible.
  • Lewis & Clark, Portland – No acceptable concert venue, too expensive.
  • Portland State University – Urban campus with heavy summer school schedule, few acoustically isolated breakout rooms available, no good marketplace/outdoor stage site.
  • Willamette University, Salem – Only possible concert venue is a gym with possible noise curfew issues.
  • Pacific University, Forest Grove (Portland outskirts) – No acceptable concert venue, facilities doubtful for a group our size.
  • Linfield College, McMinnville (north of Monmouth) – Per person per day fees too expensive for Zimfest budget.
  • University of Oregon, Eugene – Had been negotiating for 2015 or 2016 but was more expensive than WOU. Re-opening negotiations is possible.
  • Oregon State University, Corvallis – No one has approached them since Zimfest was last there in 2010. Returning there is possible, but many found the dorm rooms and cafeteria food not as attractive as other sites.


  • Seattle University, Seattle – A definitive no; they cannot accommodate our afternoon concerts and workshop “noise” in their dense urban campus.
  • University of Washington, Seattle – Likely too expensive even if we got the sponsorship of a student group. Many rules and regulations, including prohibition against off-campus advertising of events in the Student Union (which has ballrooms acceptable as concert venues). Perhaps arrange room and board there if we found an off-campus concert venue?
  • Seattle Pacific University, Queen Anne, Seattle – Too small to accommodate our activities or concerts BUT could potentially provide room and board if we had activities close by (such as Seattle Center?).
  • Seattle Center – Zimfest 2002 was held here, and accommodation was negotiated at Seattle Pacific University. At that time fees were affordable because Zimfest was accepted as one of the Center’s Festal series of ethnic festivals, which may not be possible anymore. No admission can be charged for concerts inside the Armory Building, but Fisher Pavilion might work. Workshops had to be held in different facilities on the Seattle Center campus, calling for multiple negotiations and contracts. Difficult!
  • St. Martin’s College, Olympia – Not possible, too small to accommodate us.
  • University of Puget Sound, Tacoma – Per person per day fees proved to be too expensive.
  • Ft. Worden, Port Townsend – No space during 2017 because of precedence to legacy clients (Centrum) and a movie being made there. Met with event managers in spring 2018 and did site visit, determining that we would need to have concerts off-site because of 10 PM site-wide curfew (there is an acceptable hall at the nearby Fairgrounds). They informed us in September 2018 that they will not be adding any summer events in the foreseeable future, only May would be available to us.
  • Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Port Townsend – Could be a possibility, camping and showers are available and separate from the campground/showers.
  • Western Washington University, Bellingham – Preferred concert hall subject to 10 PM noise curfew; otherwise concert venue would be a gym. That gym was under renovation, may possibly be more attractive to Zimfest audiences than it was in 2005.
  • Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma – Possible openings in 2018 with restricted choices of housing. Dancing no longer allowed in the two venues we have used previously; evening concerts to be held in largest room in Univ. Center. Events scheduler never got back to us, supervisor was unhappy with us from 2013 events.
  • Whidbey Island Fairgrounds – This would be a camping festival. Possible openings in August in future years; ownership/responsibility for fairgrounds has changed to the Port since we made our request. We do have a proposal on file.
  • Bremerton — A cabin and camping festival on the forested site of 43 year-old Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. Totally booked June through August for the foreseeable future.
  • Pilgrim Firs Camp & Conference Center, Port Orchard — Cabins and lodges. Associated with United Church of Christ. Very few summer dates available; dining lodge accommodates only 120.
  • Fort Flagler State Park, Nordland (near Pt Townsend) – Brief site visit and conversation revealed that they get booked up very quickly each winter for the following summer. Also there would be few workshop rooms.
  • Millersylvania State Park, Olympia – More research needs to happen. Might be too small for Zimfest.
  • Kittitas County Fairgrounds, Ellensburg – They fill up pretty fast, more research needs to happen. Camping is available.
  • Central Washington University, Ellensburg — Site has been suggested. Needs research and site visit. Nearby rodeo grounds offers RV sites and camping.