March 8, 2020 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2020 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: Daniel Lockley, Jacqueline Fallon, Chris Halaska, Tendai Muparutsa, Drew Turner, Mandy Walker-LaFollette, Janis Weeks, Alex Weeks
Members Absent: none
Non-voting member in attendance: Claire Jones

Review Agenda (All)

Approve February Minutes/Synopsis (All)

Approved February and January.

2019 Final Budget Report (Chris)

Association all together, lost a few hundred dollars around $400, donations were a lot lower this past year. The back end data from RegFox doesn’t come through in an easy way. Certain figures could be given to Chris and that would make it easier. It will take some more time to weed through all the figures.

Follow-up on Drum Donation (All)

Claire would like to have a formal contract/agreement on them being used. Alex will write a thank you note to Paul Hayes for donating the drums.

Follow-up on Possible New Board Member (Daniel)

Interested, but hasn’t written a letter of interest to the board yet.

Privacy Policy Follow-Up (Alex)

Working on it

Zimfest 2020 Update (Claire)

  • Coeus – seeking further clarity on Canadians’ background checks
  • Applications:
    • 41 performer applications, way too many for time slots – need to wait list some bands – only have 31 or 32 slots
    • 48 teacher apps, a record! 35 of them Zimbabweans
  • Zimbabwean guests update:
    • Approval for a group to play a gig at Wednesday in the Park series in Olympia
    • Received a commitment from Evergreen Agriculture faculty person for a Zimbabwean to do a lecture-demo on Thursday July 30
  • OC recommendations on Zimbabweans to invite – does the Board approve? Yes
  • Any friends going to Zim before April that can deliver letters of invite? Not that we are aware of.
  • After5Radio online radio station suggested a partnership. OC has no bandwidth for this. Can ZA Board find marketing resources for it?

COVID-19 Contingency Planning (All)

Current advice, not to stress about it yet because it’s changing so quickly. Track some of the payments that are made. At some point the travel expenses could get expensive for people if we cancel late.

Start a google doc of the first message out to the community. Plan to send by next weekend.

A number of conferences/festivals have been cancelled in the Puget Sound area over the coming weeks due to community spread of COVID-19. It’s too early to know what the situation will be in July, but we need to discuss contingency plans:

  • Review possible scenarios: festival unchanged, cancellation–any other scenarios?
  • What criteria will we use to make a decision?
  • When will this decision be made?
  • Who will make the final decision?
  • Communication strategy

Next Meeting

Sunday April 12th, 6:30 pm Pacific time on Google Hangouts