April 13, 2014 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

Zimfest Association Meeting Minutes April 13, 2014

Members in attendance: Jacqueline Fallon, Tsitsi Hantuba, Claire Jones, Jennifer Kyker, Paul Mataruse, Dana Moffitt, Amy Robinson, David Simon, Alex Weeks
Members absent: none
Non-voting member in attendance: Claire Jones

1) Review of March 9 meeting minutes and synopsis — approved

2) March 24 meeting minutes and synopsis were reviewed and approved previously via email

3) Zimfest 2014 Planning Update (Claire) — Mookomba is confirmed to perform Thursday night. A separate budget has been created for this part of the festival. The opening ceremony will occur first. Then there will be a 30 minute intermission before the ticketed event. Schedule and logistics details to be determined. Contracts will soon be sent to teachers. Claire did a site visit — marketplace location has been confirmed — within sight and earshot of the student union. Dorms have been identified.

4) Zimfest 2014 Budget review (Tsitsi) — The budget has been updated. Various tax and paperwork issues are being addressed. We must pay quarterly unemployment taxes. This will be filed electronically and eliminate a charge. We need to continue to look for opportunities to raise money so that we do not take a loss. Small increases in each revenue stream should help increase overall revenues.

5) Teacher membership proposal (Claire and Jacqueline) — It is proposed that teacher membership of $60 be offered to enable the teacher to bring a class for that one year. This is intended to encourage the participation of groups that are not usual festival participants. It will be an option on the membership page. The teacher who is in attendance must be a member of a teacher’s association. They will draft a proposal for review. The age of inclusion was a topic of debate, including K-12. More than half of the participants should be first time attendees.

6) Jennifer’s request for liability insurance (Tsitsi) — discussed this with our insurer. She pointed out the fact that we are a membership organization. We have done this in the past. This is a membership benefit. In the past, a rider has been purchased for an event. It has been suggested that the policy be reworded to remove the terminology that the event sponsor be a nonprofit. Dana is working to see if there is anyone else who can give us a better rate. David suggests that the “lurkers” be more verbal if they have wisdom to share regarding our discussions.

7) Brochure/festival guide — Jennifer — She is available after May 15. Claire suggests mobilizing some volunteers.

Next meeting May 11, 6 pm PST