February 8, 2015 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2015 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members present: Tsitsi Hantuba, Jacqueline Fallon, Alex Weeks, David Simon, Paul Mataruse, Amy Robinson
Members absent: Dana Moffett, Jennifer Kyker
Non-voting member present: Claire Jones

Minutes and synopsis from January meeting were approved via online conversation, and the meeting minutes synopsis was posted to the blog earlier this month.

IT Update

Alex reported that there are several projects going on. Registration system from past years or EventBrite (EB) will be used. Paul and Gretel spent time researching EB using a list of questions compiled by the tech team and Larry Israel. Options for using EB are still being explored. Paul agreed to contact Gretel to ask her to invite board members to test the EB system. Alex proposed that the tech team come up with a proposal and forward this to the board by the next meeting.

Interview with Board Member Applicant Daniel Lockley

Daniel thanked the board for the opportunity to be considered for membership. He elaborated on his reasons for applying and current ideas. The board discussed his interview while he left the call, then we called him back and invited Daniel to join the board. He accepted the invitation and will join as a new board member next month.

2015 Festival Update

Claire has been in dialogue with representatives at Western Oregon University (WOU) for price estimates. The current facilities estimate is about $8,600. She and Michael Beardsworth will make a site visit next week and gather information regarding any possible extra fees. They will clarify a few other questions, any additional fees and asking when the contract can be available. Jennifer Kyker responded to the call for artwork by sending a photo which has also been put on the save the date card. The organizing committee is ready to work. We cannot afford to lose money in consecutive years, so he urged board members to critically review the festival estimates with an eye toward cost containment.

Film and Audio Recording Policy

We need to remind people that they should ask permission to film performers. We may have the concert emcees announce at the beginning of and during the concerts that individuals should ask permission of the bands. Perhaps we should include a release that allows Zimfest to film for the purpose of festival promotion with the understanding that this will not be used for commercial purposes. Actions—Claire can put an agreement in the performer and teacher contracts that we send out. We can also put a paragraph in the festival guide.

Board Membership Update

As of September, we anticipate losing 3 members: Amy, Jennifer and Tsitsi. Paul has agreed to stay one more year (yeah!). We still need to recruit for a few additional members. Our priority is finding a new treasurer due to the complex knowledge transfer. Perhaps each of us could personally reach out to 1-2 prospective board members. David will draft a letter to send out to the community.

Next Meeting

March 8, 6-8 pm, PST; David will be on a work sabbatical, so he won’t be at the next meeting.

5 Comments on “February 8, 2015 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

  1. John Hatten says:

    I’m am delighted to read the report on the film, video and audio recording policy. The situation last year with Mookumba may have been made easier if the contract allowed for official filming for Zimfest promotion and educational purposes. If Mark Cohen had been given an official Zimfest PRESS badge (and when he was unavailable, he could have passed it on to me), then we would have not gotten in the trouble we did with their manager.

    Thank you board for all your good work!

  2. I’m a pro photographer based in Portland, OR. Should Zimfest need images of people from Zim, let’s talk. I don’t have any with people playing music, but have loads of the people and some of the landscape. Have been there 3 times in past 6 years shooting NGO projects, inspirational women. I’d allow complimentary use of images as long as I received photo credit and images weren’t sold or gifted to any entity/individual beyond Zimfest. Thanks for all your labor, board members. I co-chair the Portland-Mutare Sister City Association (wwwportlandmutare.org), so I know how keeping volunteers can be a challenge.

  3. Janis Weeks says:

    Did you mean Michael “Beardsworth”, not Beardsley?