April 16, 2023 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

Members in Attendance: Mandy Walker-LaFollette, Alex Weeks, Janis Weeks, Tendai Muparutsa, Heather Steele, Jacqueline Fallon, Daniel Lockley
Members Absent: Chris Halaska, Cloud Petayi, Maria Minnaar Bailey
Non-voting members in attendance: Claire Jones, Trent Fallon-Muparutsa, Juniper Lockley, Asher Lockley

Review Agenda (All)

March Minutes/Synopsis

Already approved by email.

Hazel Reninger (Claire)

Hazel contacted us about joining the board, volunteering for Zimfest. Claire has directed her towards Association members living in her area. Claire & volunteer coordinators will discuss volunteer opportunities with her. Alex will reach out as well.

Bookkeeper Onboarding (Claire, Alex)

This is going well. Gary Spalter is on board.

  • Gary has filed the 990 form for Zimfest, which was accepted by the IRS
  • Directors’ and Officers’ insurance has been renewed
  • WA State Excise Tax report filed and sales tax paid

Seeking New Treasurer (All)

  • Heather is willing to take over the Treasurer role. Duties to include Benevity Causes re-certification, Washington State Charities Report and Annual Report. Gary has taken over most of the bookkeeping duties. Board vote: unanimously yes.
  • Mandy will officially take over the role of Secretary. Board vote: unanimously yes. Duties include taking minutes, synopses, communicating those with the webmaster to put on the website. Possible fundraising, as done by Jacqueline previously. Mandy will write up a job description.

Board Member/Officer Terms (All)

Board directors and officers are two-year terms; we have not been actively renewing these commitments. Should we go back to reviewing all officers and directors every two years?

  • We looked at the Board member spreadsheet to review roles, length of time in roles/on board.
  • Discussion: new blood can be good, and giving board members/officers an off-ramp at a convenient time is good.
  • General agreement to review membership/officer status in the October meeting of the relevant year, to make sure each person still wants to be a member or in their respective role, and that the Board is still comfortable with them in that role.

2023 Zimfest Update (Claire)

  • Teachers and Zimbabwean invitees all chosen; workshop schedule and festival highlights hashed out; contracts or agreements sent. Concerts team has built schedule and sent most performers initial acceptances and proposed time slots.
  • Overview page on web and workshop schedule coming soon; registration targeted to open May 1 for members.
  • Teacher Travel Fellowships have been awarded to Tsungai Tsikirai (veteran) and Innocent Musafare Mutero (new).
  • Invitation letters for B1 visas have been signed and sent with the exception of two that must be delivered in original form to Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe by early May (Muda Magaya and Joyce Warikandwa). Anyone going to Zimbabwe before then?
  • University housing
    • RV parking is approved, limited to 10 spots near the dorm.
    • UHDS sent breakdown of numbers and types of rooms to be rented in McNary Hall, unexpectedly including mostly triples. Pricing structure, registration and website need to be revised accordingly, possibly delaying opening of registration.
  • Chris Halaska has changed his thinking from fencing around one canopy to fencing to keep audience from going to the backstage area – Claire awaiting cost estimate.
  • The bid for overnight security for outdoor concerts ($45/hr for 5 guards 5:00 pm until 11:00pm and 2 guards until 10:00 am), came in at $8,865.00.
    • General agreement that the staffing seems excessive, and the cost is prohibitively expensive.
  • Renting workshop rooms in the Methodist Church has become problematic and is no longer being pursued. Rooms in the Music Building (Community Hall) were approved. Availability of rooms in the Memorial Union is still being worked out.

Next Meeting

Sunday, May 14th, 2023, at 6:30pm Pacific Time on Zoom.