June 19, 2016 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2016 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: David Simon, Jacqueline Fallon, Alex Weeks, Janis Weeks, Paul Mataruse, Dana Moffett
Members Absent: Daniel Lockley, Chris Halaska, Rujeko Dumbutshena
Non-voting member Absent: Claire Jones

Approval of May 8th Minutes/Synopsis


Review/Modify Agenda

No changes

Brief Treasurer’s Report (Janis & Chris)

Gary is on board, make the hand off from Paychex to him in September. Everything will be at the credit union soon. Festival insurance is being raised by 65%. They claim that we were misclassified in the past. She is working on getting quotes from other companies. Changed withdrawals from both PayPal accounts to new bank account. Have applied to change automatic deposits for donations from these sources: AmazonSmile, Benevity and Network for Good.

2016 Organizing Committee Update (All)

Registration opened yesterday, 6/18/16, 68 people have registered in 24 hours. YEAH!! Housing and dining issues have been resolved. WOU will allow us to use some Butler suites this year. Zimfest participants staying in the dorms MUST purchase meals from campus dining but may pick and choose meals they want. And we will be charged on the basis of what people pre-pay for, not what they actually eat (no risk for us!). No final contract from WOU yet. Communication has been better in the last few weeks. Another onsite meeting is planned. Vendor application and volunteer signups are live on the website (thank you John H. and Larry I.) All teacher and performer notifications and contracts have been sent, most responded to. Further volunteer hemorrhaging – need help with the Green Room and Zimfest Booth, are asking people to just take responsibility for just one night or one day respectively. Know anyone, especially for Green Room? Zimfest poster is done and looks super! I have put a web version on our homepage.

The June 2017 weekend we were holding for Zimfest 2017 at PLU is no longer available and they will send possible 2018 dates.

Fundraising Update (Jacqueline)

Message from Angela: Kuzanga Marimba is donating $200 from recent local playtimes, and Kelly Tyler of Kuzanga is donating an additional $150. Total: $2110 Send Janis a list – done.

Skipping a Year in 2017 (David)

We need to work at creatively crafting volunteer calls during the year with a focus on regrouping and feeling enthusiastic about the festival. Create more incentives for people traveling from afar. Propose the idea of communities hosting Zimfest.

Minutes for the Strategic Retreat (Jacqueline)

Some notes to share, finish next time.

Strategic Gathering Follow-up (David)

Next time:

  • Review Key Opportunities for Strengthening Zimfest
  • Bringing New People to Zimfest – Follow-up and Actions
  • Increase Average Workshop Enrollment – Follow-up and Actions

Next Meeting

July 10th 6:30-8:30

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