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By becoming a member of Zimfest Association, individuals and families can support the long-term viability of Zimfest. Zimfest Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Membership dues and donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable.

If you are a long-time member but have not paid for a membership since November 2021 (when we introduced a new membership system), you cannot renew your old membership. You must take out a new membership in the new system.

If you enjoy Zimfest and learning about Zimbabwean culture, please consider becoming a member! Help spread the word about the music and joy of Zimbabwean culture. Your membership contributions will help ensure that we are able to continue to produce an annual festival, and will support the growth and fellowship of Zimbabwean artists in the global music community. Each festival, in turn, offers opportunities for cultural exchange in the hosting community. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share Zimbabwean music and culture with a wider community. Please join us! Play and dance and sing and laugh… and we hope you have fun!

Membership Benefits and Levels

Zimfest Association members can waive the registration fee for Zimfest, and will now also have access to early registration for all Zimfest workshops. Yearly membership runs for one year from whenever you join or renew (membership does not run by calendar year). Lifetime membership is ongoing for life.

Membership is available at these levels:

  • Regular — $30 per year
  • Youth/Student or Senior (65+) — $12.50 per year
  • Couple — $50 per year — you and one other family member (spouse, partner, sibling, child) living in the same household
  • Family — $75 per year — you and all family members living in the same household
  • Teacher — $125 per year — you and up to 20 members of your student group ages K-12. Teacher Membership is intended to encourage newcomers to the festival, so at least 50% of your group should be first-time Zimfest attendees to qualify.
  • Lifetime — $600
  • Family Lifetime — $750 — you and all family members living in the same household. This benefit does not extend to your minor children once they become adults or leave the household. This benefit cannot be “passed down” to the next generation.

How to Join or Renew Membership

To join or renew your membership, click the button below, then complete the membership form. You can also verify your membership or change auto-renewal status. Zimfest uses RegFox to manage membership (since November 2021), the same system we have been using for festival registration.

Zimfest Association Membership Form »


See the Zimfest Membership System User Guide.

If you have questions about membership or problems signing up, you can contact us via email at .