April 10, 2016 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2016 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: David Simon, Jacqueline Fallon, Alex Weeks, Janis Weeks, Daniel Lockley, Paul Mataruse, Chris Halaska, Dana Moffett
Members Absent: Rujeko Dumbutshena
Non-voting member in Attendance: Claire Jones

Approval of March 13th Minutes/Synopsis


Brief Treasurer’s Report (Janis & Chris)

Working on being able to transfer accounts, a lot of paperwork involved. Should be able to happen by about a month from now.

2016 Organizing Committee Update (Claire)

Working on the schedules, who we are inviting and who we are not. The price this year is for the room and not the individual and meals are linked to the room, not the person. This may present a challenge for registering at the moment. Linens are provided for all rooms. An update for registration has started even though we don’t have final data yet. Other rooms for workshops were looked at but room assignments can’t be confirmed until May. We don’t have an estimate yet, but discounts are given where possible. We are looking into a van that is used for students as a shuttle for us from Salem. In the process of figuring out how it will work for us. Local publicity – moving along to help identify coffee shops and other places to advertise. Asked Monmouth City Council for sponsorship. Waiting for their response. Concern was expressed about the number of workshops that Zimbabwean guests are asked to teach to prevent Zimfest from losing money since we pay for travel, room and board. There are many things to balance with teachers and workshops.

2017 Site Discussion (Claire)

PLU proposal: Layout of Chris Knutzen Hall for performances, our preferred weekend, last weekend of July, the only accommodations left are 3 dorms that have only double rooms. Last weekend of June has other accommodation possibilities. Some estimates are available. Are there enough lounges available and enough other rooms? Double rooms could be just fine to offer participants. Whidbey Fair Grounds is changing management, so can’t predict what will happen yet. We will keep in contact. Would WOU be considered for a 3rd year if PLU doesn’t go through at the moment? We would like to announce location and date at the current Zimfest for the following year. Would we ever consider going back to the Oregon Country Fair? Are there other fair ground possibilities? Send message out to members for more site ideas.

Strategic Gathering Follow-up (David)

Review Key Opportunities for Strengthening Zimfest

Bringing New People to Zimfest

Follow-up and Actions – Sent some flyers out to music teachers across the state and into other states, continue contacting and following up, make contact with professors, weekly posting on the Zimfest Facebook page has begun. Bring a new friend campaign still needs to be discussed. Some suggestions have been given for keeping people interested. An event for Zimfest has been set up on Facebook. An advertising video for May is in the works. Make a connection with Voice of Zimbabwe.

Increase Average Workshop Enrollment

Follow-up and Actions – focus groups, maybe just at the festival. Newbie popup workshops might be able to work this year.

Improving Volunteer Participation

Follow-up and Actions – Look at the volunteer website to see the new look. VISTA volunteer won’t work for us partly due to the cost. Is there a senior group in the area to reach out to for volunteering?

Next Meeting

May 8, 6-8pm, PST