June 14, 2015 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2015 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in attendance: Alex Weeks, Amy Robinson, David Simon, Tsitsi Hantuba , Daniel Lockley, Paul Mataruse, Jacqueline Fallon
Members absent: Dana Moffett
Non-voting member in attendance: Claire Jones

Review of May 10 Board Meeting Minutes and Synopsis

Reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Tsitsi)

No changes or revisions have been made to the budget yet. Contract will be updated next week. Revisions will follow. Cash management—Tsitsi will likely not be able to attend ZF due to work commitments. Other board members will be enlisted to assist. Tsitsi will update and send us a spread-sheet to help us stay organized.

Tsitsi recommends keeping Claire as a contractor. If we change her to an employee, we may still be liable for employment taxes in Washington State. Additionally, it is easier to remain compliant with deadlines, rules and regulations from both a state and federal standpoint by using Paychex (payroll company).

Zimfest 2015 (Claire)

Jake and Larry played a key role in opening the new website. Alex had to deal with the server crashing last night after registration opened. A few problems are still being worked out. The membership page was not updated and goes to an error. Volunteer sign up page is not yet functional.

Publicity—Claire sent out a press release using the same service as last year. It will go out again 3 weeks before the festival. One of the Salem radio stations is proposing to sell tickets in exchange for publicity. Posters have been sent to people in Corvallis and Portland. Claire will drop some off at the music department at WOU. Some shuffling is happening with the concert schedules.
The festival guide is underway.

We still need a few sets of marimbas. Festival deposit is due soon.

Website Update (Alex)

The new website combines the prior festival website as well as the association website. Alex can add a link to the prior content and the membership page.

Board Meeting with the Zimbabweans (David)

A meeting will be scheduled Thursday to allow for preparation for the opening ceremony. David will set up a time when Zimbabweans may meet with a few board members in the event that they have any concerns.

Credit Union (David)

He will be opening an account this week at the Elevations Credit Union. We need one savings account dedicated to PayPal and a checking account. There will be one combined account for the association and festival.

Board Member Recruiting

David is still soliciting new members. He has reached out to a few people about the treasurer position, but no one has accepted that invitation yet. He plans to send a letter out to the membership. We need to recruit new members to replace current members who will be leaving the board after this years’ festival.

Letters of Appreciation (Claire)

She recommends that we give out letters at the Village meeting during the festival. Paul and Claire worked on this last year.

Village Meeting Agenda (David)

We will set an agenda before the meeting.

Refund Policy (Claire)

We finalized a refund policy. David will put a document in the policies folder. It will be entitled “Cancellation and refund policy.”

Next Meeting

July 12, 6-8 pm PST

One Comment on “June 14, 2015 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

  1. John Hatten says:

    I read that there is a finalized refund policy. Are Zimfest Association policies available online for members to view? If so, where? If not, could there be a link from the ZA page?