May 10, 2015 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2015 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in attendance: Tsitsi Hantuba, Alex Weeks, David Simon, Amy Robinson, Jacqueline Fallon
Non-voting member in attendance: Claire Jones
Members absent: Daniel Lockley, Dana Moffett, Paul Mataruse

April Meeting Minutes and Synopsis

Approved pending review by one member. The synopsis will be posted to the blog shortly thereafter.

Comments on the Blog

If people want more detail than is contained in the synopsis, they may contact and speak directly with board members.

Organizing Committee (OC) Report on Zimfest 2015 (Claire)

Website is up and running now. Alex and Jake are working on online registration. They are working out complicated details regarding connections between WordPress and the registration system. Page editing will be possible by OC members. Larry is doing a lot of work in the WordPress software.

Teacher and workshop contracts are nearly done.

Workshop list spreadsheet is in the board folder.

We will accommodate a small amount of campers-$10/night per tent or RV. Portable toilets will be near the marketplace. Showers will be accessible 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. It would have been costly to provide 24-hour access due to custodial charges.

Poster design is done.

We currently do not have a written policy on emergency cancellations. Claire is drafting a written proposal for board approval.

Review of Zimfest Contract

We reviewed the contract page by page. Clarifications: Current numbers are based on estimate of 300 attendees but there is no penalty for fewer participants.

The late night mbira party will be placed away from the dorms—quiet hours will not apply.

Estimated meal charges—will be based upon actual use. We will get credit for unused meals from unused tickets but not when the participant purchased the card for all 11 meals.

Rooms that have been paid for a full day will be accessible to us all day. Many of the rooms are being rented by the hour in an effort to be more cost effective.

Physical plant and general labor estimates might vary depending on the actual hours used.

Our insurance renews mid-June, so we will have the certificate available in time (due at least 10 business days in advance of check-in).

On page 13 there is mention of youth participants. It would be good to clarify what constitutes “youth” and ratios of chaperone to youth participants. On page 15 the bottom line should also state “estimated” charges. We anticipate that there will be some catering charges associated with supplies for the green room.

Treasurer’s Report (Tsitsi)

FY 2014—She is working with the same CPA firm that compiled our prior forms. The budget is in the board folder. The proposed 2015 budget was reviewed. Separate tabs list details for WOU expenses, sound, workshops, Zimbabweans at Zimfest, membership and fundraising and the marketplace.

Concert tickets purchased at the door will be changed to $20 for adults and $10 for children in order to simplify cash management.
Tsitsi will send out a revised budget in consideration of the numbers in the contract.

Bank Change

David researched options and identified Elevations Credit Union as a recommended option. This will enable the association and festival to reduce service fees. He will open a new account and try to manage this process before registration opens.

Board Member Recruitment

We are still in need of a new treasurer. David will reach out to a possible candidate and draft a letter recruiting board members.

Zimfest 2016

Claire will tentatively reserve dates at WOU—the only option is the second weekend in August.

Next Meeting

June 14, 6-8 pm PST