Roommate Request Board

We hope the roommate request board will facilitate sharing dorm rooms at the festival.

  • If you’re looking for a roommate: Please check the roommates wanted and post your own roommate request.
  • Important when posting: Include your contact info within your message — otherwise, no one can contact you.
  • Please contact each other directly via email or phone. Everyone is on their own to make arrangements.
  • Double rooms are booked by the room, not by the bed. In other words, if you are staying 4 nights and a potential roommate only needs 3 nights, you would be responsible for the total cost of the room for the night your roommate is not there. Be sure to include the nights you want to share in your message. For housing details, see On-Campus Housing.

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Roommates Wanted

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Post Your Roommate Request

If you are looking for a roommate at Zimfest, please read and understand ALL of these instructions, then fill out the form below.

Important: Inside the Your Message field below, include your email address and/or phone number.

Example Post: Roommate wanted for double room at Zimfest. Male. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Please contact to discuss.

Your message will not appear right away, it must be approved by our moderator. After we have approved it, your message will appear in the Roommmates Wanted section to the left. Later, it will be emailed to many of our subscribers.

When you are no longer seeking a roommate, please let us know; email us so that we can delete your post.

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