Roommate Request Board

We hope the roommate request board will facilitate sharing double and triple dorm rooms at the festival. Roommate wanted postings are not being shared publicly.

After You Find a Roommate

  • If you have come to an agreement with a new roommate, have them pay you the desired amount for the number of nights they will be in the room. As the one who rented the room, you must change your registration as instructed in How to Register and add the roommate’s name to your room registration.
  • The new roommate may also need to change their registration or create a new one, but if they are not registering for anything else, there is no need. Zimfest registration people will be able to determine that you need to be placed on the room roster.
  • Both roommates must come to Housing Check-in to be issued keys and passcards.

Post Your Roommate Request or Request Access to the Board

Example Request Post:

Roommate wanted for double room at Zimfest. Male. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
Please contact me at [email address] to discuss.