Applicant Information

Information for Prospective Applicants

The Zimbabwean Music Festival celebrates the music and culture of Zimbabwe and closely related southern African music and dance. We welcome applicants whose performances or instructional offerings fit these categories.

In order to apply to teach and or perform at the Zimbabwean Music Festival, you must either be a United States citizen or resident, or you must have a valid US visa. We cannot consider your application unless you have a visa or provide evidence that a visa has been applied for. We recommend the P3 US visa type for visiting Zimbabweans. Zimfest cannot sponsor these visas, nor provide them for guest performers and teachers. You will need a contact person, agent or organization in the US to apply for the proper visa, and cannot apply for the visa yourself. The P3 visa application process can cost between $400.00 to $1000.00 US dollars.

In some cases the B1 business/travel visa may be accepted, and the applicant must apply for this visa at the US Embassy where s/he resides. Although visitors on a B-1 visa cannot be paid for work while in the US, they can be paid an honorarium for participation in an educational conference (Zimfest). However, holders of these visas cannot perform in any concert for which admission is charged, including the Zimfest evening concerts.

We are a non-profit organization, staffed by volunteers, with a very limited budget. Our policy is that we do not pay for travel to the US from other countries. You would need to pay for your own transportation to North America. We pay teachers for teaching workshops, but can only afford to pay a modest amount to performers for the ticketed evening concerts. In summary, it can cost a lot of money to come to perform and teach at our Zimfest, and that amount will not likely be repaid in cash.

If you have questions or special circumstances, please contact us at: zimguests (at) zimfest (dot) org