February 11, 2018 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2018 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: Jacqueline Fallon, Chris Halaska, Daniel Lockley, Evelyn Mukwedeya, Mandy Walker-LaFollette
Members Absent: Rujeko Dumbutshena, David Simon, Alex Weeks, Janis Weeks
Non-voting member absent: Claire Jones

Review/Modify Agenda

No updates

Update on Tech Initiative/Tech Fix for the Membership Payment Page and Form (Alex/Janis)

Dollar amounts are needed to add to the budget. Various tech projects (registration, and fixing membership) are still a WIP by the tech committee–progress is being made, but we don’t have anything to demo yet.

Organizing Committee Update (Mandy)

Applications are trickling in, our Zimbabwean liaison is working with a few new Zimbabweans. Not very many applications at this point. Save the dates are completed and ready to be sent out to communities. Let Claire know if your community wants a stack. Still need volunteers. A suggestion was made to think about a live recording for a CD for this year or in the future from the evening concerts. A CD was done in 2000.

Treasurer Update (Chris)

A draft 2017 Zimfest Association Financial report was presented. There is an open question on whether to allocate tax expenses to the year in which they were paid or to the year of the festival they apply to. Chris will look at previous year data to figure out which way to go. The board requested that the final report also include 2016 data for comparison. Income from donations and membership are down compared to 2016.

Review and Approve Board Festival Policies (All)

Most of the policies are fine. A little more review is necessary. Then voting.

Discuss Fundraising Drive Proposal (Jacqueline)

Top items to implement first:

  • Set a dollar and participation goal (ex. Choose between 50-80%)
  • Have designated giving categories
  • Gifts in Memory of – In Memoriam page
  • Include a thermometer goal in communications
  • Make sure that we have clear message – Board members – Why is it important to give to Zimfest? Become a member? Do we have this answer somewhere? Does membership dues go for the same things as a donation?
  • Add to donation form and/or Facebook post – Why do I give to Zimfest? Why did I become a Zimfest member? Ask others to share why they give.
  • Continue sharing Zimfest community news – engagement increase
  • Create more solicitations/campaigns

Review Volunteer and Fundraising Drive Draft Communication

Came up with a rough $ goal to bring to the rest of the group, might make it a little less wordy, the entire board needs to review.

Update on the Marimbas on Sale (Mandy/Alex)

Planning to look at instruments soon.

Next Meeting

March 11th, 6:30pm PST on Google Hangouts