October 22, 2017 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2017 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: Rujeko Dumbutshena, Jacqueline Fallon, Chris Halaska, Daniel Lockley, Evelyn Mukwedeya, David Simon, Alex Weeks
Members Absent: Dana Moffett, Janis Weeks
Non-voting member in Attendance: Claire Jones

Review/Modify Agenda

No updates

Review and Approve Festival Coordinator Offer Letter and Job Description (All)

All approve

2016 Treasurer’s Report (Chris/Janis)

Still wrapping up last years festival. Janis has met with Gary and Alex. They eliminated some discrepancies through detailed work. The report is almost 100% final. Claire is finishing up a grant and has received the budget numbers that she needs.

Festival Coordinator Monthly Update (Claire)

Current Activities

Claire is back in touch with WOU folks, Don B. is just in charge of facilities now, the gal who had been temporary before is now in charge of conference scheduling. Prices increased last year, dorms will cost a little more, it looks like WOU is now charging for camping. Claire is reaching out to past organizing committee and tech. committee members to see who is interested in helping with 2018. Teacher and performer applications are getting prepared. We need written instructions for the new program that we are using to help guide a non-tech person through the system for registration needs. We need to be looking for more tech help with the main ZF website. There is some concern with volunteer signups not being on the same system as registration. Almost half of the volunteers don’t usually sign up until they are at the festival. In 2017 we had 112 volunteers sign up with 324 person hours. This is counting specifically those who sign up for work at the festival, not all volunteers. Volunteer engagement should help decide on a 2019 festival.

Upcoming Activities

Dreyfus Foundation Grant is not limited to location or area of who a group is benefiting. It is for whom a small amount of money will make a big difference.

Any Assistance Needed from the Board, if applicable at this point

Claire is asking the Board help come up with the theme for this years Zimfest. What is the point of having a theme? It gives a thematic center for artwork and the theme tied in with our mission. Claire needs to create @zimfest mailing list addresses with help from Alex. Claire is proposing a registration fee increase due to cost of registration software. Maybe housing or workshop fees should increase as well. Getting a contract from WOU on prices will really help us be able to make an informed decision on setting our prices. Is this something that we can put together by November or December? Alex will make a spreadsheet of the expenses. Last membership call did bring in some memberships and donations. Thank you communication and prep our end of year membership drive. The page on the website that lists members is not up to date. We are looking to see if there is a membership coordinator job description. Claire is requesting us to consider a housing subsidy for major youth volunteers. It would also help make it more attractive to volunteers.

Update on Tech Initiative (Alex/Janis)

Current progress – The committee selected RegFox. They will prepare an estimate of labor. The tech meeting is coming up on Thursday, so there will be more to report after the meeting. Any assistance needed from the board, if applicable at this point: They can see a need for non-technical volunteers to help editing later in the year. It might be worth putting out another call to see if another tech volunteer can be found.

Zimfest 2018 – Board Vision for the Festival (All)

Visioning Exercise

What would ‘the best Zimfest ever’ look like? Maybe a section of places to eat in the guide and on website, ask Chamber of Commerce to assist, one afternoon concert in the amphitheatre with food truck. Brainstorm of performers and workshops. Cultural discussions. Maybe one evening concert could end earlier to start the late night party earlier. Some people are intimidated to attend the late night party, maybe have a workshop or session, a way to introduce people to the concept of the late night, a group of first time mbira party attendees. Campfire with late night mbira party. Identify another evening concert venue or space for afternoon concert. How do we engage children in the festival? Is there someone to help with a children’s tent? How do we welcome new people new to the community – liked the idea of free introductory classes, marketing could be improved. Reach out to some student groups to find out what would excite them to have at the festival. Jamming with other young people at the festival.

Save for Next Time

Goal-setting for each area:

  • Tech
  • Finances
  • Marketing, volunteering
  • Festival structure and content

Board Calendar for the Remainder of 2017

Action items to be completed by the year (year-end reporting, fundraising initiatives etc.), Set November and December meeting dates

Next Meeting

November 12th, 6:30 PST