March 14, 2021 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2021 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: Daniel Lockley, Jacqueline Fallon, Chris Halaska, Tendai Muparutsa, Cloud Petayi, Janis Weeks, Mandy Walker-LaFollette, Alex Weeks
Members Absent: Drew Turner
Non-voting member in attendance: Claire Jones, Jared Fallon-Muparutsa

Review Agenda (All)

Approve February Minutes/Synopsis (All)


Review Festival and Annual Board Calendar (Jacqueline)

This is so we can keep track of items better. No need to review the festival calendar at this time. We reviewed the annual board tasks together. Added a few other items. Change contract for Festival Coordinator timeline to Nov. 1 instead of Oct. 1st.

2020 Annual Budget Review (Chris)

  • Zimfest lost approximately $10K in 2020, as expected, primarily due to continuing the Festival Coordinator’s payroll.
  • This year’s online festival was quite successful, netting about $3000 on $6000 of income, also in line with what we expected.
  • Not surprisingly, donations and membership income for 2020 fell to nearly zero. Unfortunately, we now rely on them to partially cover Association expenses, so they were greatly missed this year.
  • After this year, we have around $34,000 in the bank, so are well set up for another pandemic year, as well as preparing for the next on-site festival, hopefully in 2022.

Zimfest 2021 Update (Claire)

Evergreen notified Claire that since they will still be holding remote classes through the summer, they will not have the necessary resources and capacity to host Zimfest at Evergreen in 2021. Looking ahead to 2022, they are “guessing” they would not be able to host until the 2nd weekend of August (we wanted the end of July).

Rainier Arts Center in Seattle – newly remodeled – they are offering a deal for live streaming concerts. Claire will look into this.

Review Zimfest Policies, and Make Changes As Appropriate

Review in January in the future.

Review Treasurer’s Duties (Janis)

A subcommittee (Janis, Claire, Chris, Alex) documented the duties of the treasurer. Now that this has been documented, the goal is to identify/nominate candidates (including self-nominations) for this position, and make a decision at the April 11th board meeting.

Festival Coordinator Contract (All)

Alex, keep Gary in the loop that Claire is still in fact continuing. Claire is continuing on for another year.

Zimfest 2000 CD Track Digital Licensing (Mandy)

Choose 3 songs for use on the new home page to promote Zimfest. Contract with the performer and/or songwriter. Credit arrangers if aware of them. Mandy is working on contract wording.

Next Meeting

Sunday April 11th, 6:30 pm Pacific time on Zoom

One Comment on “March 14, 2021 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

  1. Angela Marie says:

    Thank you to the board for your continuing dedication to Zimfest. Also, a very special shout out to Claire Jones for continuing to coordinate through times of pandemic. Looking forward to 2022.