March 9, 2014 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

03-09-14 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in attendance: Jacqueline Fallon, Tsitsi Hantuba, Paul Mataruse, David Simon, Alex Weeks, Dana Moffett
Members absent: Jennifer Kyker, Amy Robinson
Non-voting members present: Claire Jones

1. February 9th Minutes and Synopsis

Decision: The Board approved the minutes and synopsis for the February 9th, 2014 meeting of the Zimfest Association Board as written.

2. Zimfest 2014 Update

Claire Jones reported on the status of the 2014 Zimfest Organizing Committee (O.C.):

a. General

Teacher and performer applications are closed, but a number of applications have come in late. Editing of website content will commence soon, and planning of the panel discussion scope and participant list is underway, but not yet finalized.

b. Panel Discussion

Claire Jones reported that she was drafting an agenda for the panel discussion, and that she expected it to include topics beyond the technical details of a Zimbabwean music database.

Claire Jones reported on a suggestion that the panel discussion be recorded and/or live streamed, and that this suggestion had been discussed by the Zimfest Association Technical Committee. David Simon suggested that should the O.C. decide to move ahead with this plan, a dress rehearsal be held in the venue to ensure success.

c. Zimbabwean Teacher and Performer Compensation

Claire Jones reported that an unusually large number of Zimbabweans had applied to teach and perform this year, and expressed concern about the Festival’s ability to support them while maintaining a balanced budget.

Decision: Claire Jones, Tsitsi Hantuba, Paul Mataruse, Dana Moffett, David Simon and Jacqueline Fallon will meet as a subcommittee to discuss the Zimbabwean teacher and performer room and board budget within 1.5 weeks.

d. Festival Budget

David Simon proposed that at each Board meeting, time be set aside specifically to review the Festival budget. Paul Mataruse additionally suggested that at each meeting a specific budget topic be choses for an in-depth review, with the purpose of preventing long-term neglect of the budget.

Decision: Tsitsi Hantuba agreed to lead these discussions, and the Board will begin this practice at the next Board meeting.

e. Poster

Claire Jones reported that O.C. is nearing a final poster design.

3. Village Meeting Planning

David Simon queried Claire Jones about good times during the Festival schedule for the Board to meet with Zimbabwean participants in advance of the village meeting. Claire suggested a lunch meeting on either Friday or Saturday, potentially after the panel discussion.

Decision: Board members will draft discussion topics for this private forum, and these will be shared with all forum participants prior to the festival. Claire will make a final decision about the time and location per festival constraints.

4. Zimfest Taxes and Insurance

The Board discussed volunteer tax preparation opportunities. Additionally, Dana Moffett volunteered to check with previous board members with insurance experience in this area.

5. Zimfest Brochure

Claire Jones reported that several people may be interested in volunteering to work on a brochure for Zimfest. Jacqueline Fallon will coordinate with Jennifer Kyker to identify potential volunteers for this task.