July 12, 2015 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2015 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in attendance: Tsitsi Hantuba, Paul Mataruse, Jacqueline Fallon, Dana Moffett, Amy Robinson, David Simon, Daniel Lockley
Members absent: Alex Weeks
Nonvoting member in attendance: Claire Jones

Review of June Minutes and Synopsis

Minutes and synopsis have been reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Tsitsi)

The updated financials document on the budget has columns that enable us to compare the projected budget to the actual budget. Final negotiations are underway with WOU for the festival budget.

Festival Update (Claire)

Online registration opened mid-June. The membership enrollment page went away temporarily, but it is now available. Marimba workshops are filling but dance and singing workshops have many openings. Enrollment is low for the Sunday workshops in general.

Claire had difficulty getting enough instruments. We will have enough instruments if she brings her set from Seattle. We need someone to be in charge of coordinating the instruments that have been offered. Daniel agreed to help with this before the festival. Craig LaFolette will be involved in coordinating marimbas at the festival.

Claire made a site visit. The revised contract was not yet ready. Hopefully this will be done this week.

Paul will prepare certificates of appreciation after Claire sends the list of Zimbabwean teachers.
David will do additional research on financial institutions near WOU to facilitate options to make deposits.

We will reassess the financial health of the association after the festival bills have been paid to see whether we can afford to reimburse travel for American bands.

Membership Dues Versus Donations

The issue has been raised as to how to characterize funds received over and above the minimum dues. For clarification: dues will remain at $25. Any amount given above that will be considered a donation.

Cash Management

David sent the board the spread-sheet to review all the tasks. He spent many hours last year driving to the bank to deposit money, so it would save time if we had a local financial institution to use for deposits or a safe place to store money. Tasks on spread-sheet were discussed and revised. It might make sense for members of the OC to help with certain aspects of cash management. Board members are asked to assist as well.

Village Meeting Agenda

The meeting will be from 930-1130 am, Sunday August 16. David sent a draft of the agenda to the board for review and discussion. Two of the core Zimbabwean teachers will be asked to serve as liaison between the Zimbabwean teachers and the board to generate topics for discussion on the panel.

Next Board Meeting

August 9, 6-8 pm PST