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Zimbabwean Music Web Sites

  • Dandemutande is a resource for lovers of Zimbabwean music around the world. The Dandemutande web site includes articles, a resource guide, a mail order CD catalog, and the archives of the Dandemutande Listserve. Hundreds of players of Zimbabwean music use the Dandemutande Listserve to discuss issues and inform each other about Zimbabwean music events, people, and publications.
  • MBIRA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to educate the public regarding traditional Shona music of Zimbabwe, develop a library of recordings to preserve that music, and ensure that Shona music activities outside Zimbabwe benefit Zimbabwean musicians and instrument makers. More than 100 field recordings of mbira music are available for purchase, with all proceeds over the cost of materials going to the musicians.
  • Mhumhi Records is a not-for-profit record label dedicated to preserving and sharing some of the amazing music that is happening in Southern Africa today. 90% of the profits go to the musicians.

Non-Profit Organizations Helping Zimbabwe

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These directories provide links to hundreds of web sites about Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean music.