On-Campus Housing

Housing in McNary Hall

All Zimfest participants staying at OSU will be housed in McNary Hall, a traditional residence hall with shared community bathrooms. Rooms will be available Wednesday, August 2nd through Monday morning, August 7th.

Price Per Room (not per person)
Single Room $42 per night
Double Room $66 per night
Triple Room $96 per night

There are very few single rooms; most are doubles and triples. All floors of the west wing of McNary will be “quiet wings” to accommodate occupants requesting a quiet environment. You will not be able to choose specific rooms as in past years, but the current Zimfest registration system does allow you to select the wing, floor and room type.

Note that there are lounges on each residential floor (2-6) of McNary, but they will be used for Zimfest marimba and mbira workshops during the days. There is a small kitchenette on each floor with a usable microwave and sink. A full kitchen on the first floor will be reserved for staff and volunteers.

See Also: OSU McNary Hall — downloadable map and directions to the residence hall, plus information about the rooms.

Like most college dorms, McNary Hall has no air-conditioning; bring your own fans!

To Reserve a Room

Go to Zimfest Registration to register for housing, meals, concerts and workshops. You must sign up and pay for your housing ahead of time through online registration.

Online registration for housing (including RV permits) and meals is closed.

Triple Rooms and Bed Configurations

Two or three people can share a triple room. Triple rooms include one bed near floor height, plus two (single) elevated beds about 5 feet high. Anyone who has a hard time getting in and out of an elevated bed may want to choose a single or double room. All beds in single and double rooms will be set at the lowest level.

Registering for Double or Triple Rooms

Only one person pays for the room. And housing will be purchased per room, not per person. This means that a single person who signs up for a double or triple room will be charged the total cost, for however many nights the room will be occupied. When you register, you will be asked whether you need to purchase a room, or if you are rooming with someone (who is the person paying for the room). Please note: You choose your roommate(s), not us! The registration system will allow you to name your roommate(s) so that they may pick up their own room key from OSU personnel.

If you wish to save money by staying in a double or triple rather than a single room, and have no roommate, search for one using Zimfest’s Roommate Request Board.

OSU housing policy requires that the maximum number of guests in a room is not to exceed the number of beds placed in a room by University. In other words, no more than three people may stay in a triple room, no more than two people may stay in a double, and only one in a single.

Linen Packages

All rented rooms will be provided with linen. A linen package includes: pillow with pillowcase; two flat sheets; microfiber blanket; and two towels. Bring your own washcloth and soap. The linens will be in a bag on the bed upon arrival. Upon departure, place the linens in the bag and take it and the pillow to the labeled carts near the elevator on each floor.

Family Discount on Housing

If your family (at least one parent with one or more children below the age of 12) wishes to request a family housing discount, please contact us at before you register and pay for housing, so that we can determine your eligibility and enter up to 20% off your housing costs for you.

Internet Access

Each room is equipped with free, high-speed wireless internet access. The visitor network is free to use with no login credentials needed.

Important: Housing Check-In at UHDS Desk

If you have registered for rooms and meals, check in at the University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) desk in the Registration area on the ground floor of McNary Hall at the times shown below. Each person will receive an envelope with their room key, meal card, and an access card that will let them enter the building as well as the elevators and interior stairwells.

Check-In Times at UHDS Desk
Wednesday Aug 2 Noon–1:00 PM
Wednesday Aug 2 6:30–8:00 PM
Thursday Aug 3 Noon–6:00 PM
Friday Aug 4 8:30 AM–6:00 PM
Saturday Aug 5 8:30 AM–6:00 PM
Sunday Aug 6 Noon–3:30 PM

Please plan to check in during these times. If you cannot arrive during the listed times, phone this staff on-call duty phone 541-243-2617 when you arrive.

Housing Check-Out at UHDS Desk

You must be out of your rooms no later than 10 AM on the day that you depart. Check out of your housing by turning your key and access card in to the UHDS desk in the Registration area during the times shown below. If you absolutely cannot check out during the scheduled times, please let folks at the Zimfest registration desk know and you will be given instructions.

Check-Out Times at UHDS Desk
Friday Aug 4 8:30 AM–6:00 PM
Saturday Aug 5 8:30 AM–6:00 PM
Sunday Aug 6 Noon–3:30 PM
Monday Aug 7 9:00–11:00 AM

Please turn in your keys and cards at the UHDS desk upon departure – do not leave them in the rooms!

Lost Key Charges: $75 will be charged for each McNary Hall room key that is not turned in, and there is a $15 replacement fee for the access card. So, if both the key and access card are unreturned the total would be $90.

Tent Camping

Tent camping is not allowed on the OSU campus, so it is not available at the Zimfest site this year.

RV Parking at OSU

Zimfest 2023 is pleased to offer a limited number of RV parking sites on the OSU campus. Self-contained units such as recreational vehicles, motor homes and camper vans qualify; there will be no hookups or other services offered.

RV parking lot (satellite view)

  • The registration fee for each RV will be $12 per night.
  • Please pre-pay through online registration for all nights you wish to park your RV. You will be asked for the license plate, length and model of the RV when you register.
  • OSU parking services will send registered individuals an electronic permit processing link to register your RV with them.
  • RV parking location will be Adams Ave NE lot as shown (click photo to expand) – within walking distance of McNary Hall!

Housing Questions

If you have any questions about Zimfest housing at Oregon State University, contact please do not call or e-mail OSU personnel.