On-Campus Housing

ALL INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE IS FROM ZIMFEST 2018. We will update it in May, when Zimfest 2019 housing details are finalized.


All Zimfest participants staying in WOU dorms will be housed in Ackerman Hall, Butler Hall or Barnum Hall. The Barnum and Butler complexes are both convenient to Valsetz Dining Hall. Ackerman is centrally located on the edge of the Grove, and is totally wheelchair accessible. The second and third floor of the west wing of Ackerman (rooms 202-227 and 302-326) will be “quiet floors” to accommodate occupants requesting a quiet environment. You will not be able to choose specific rooms as in past years, but the current Zimfest registration system does allow you to select the dorm and room type, and in the case of Ackerman Hall, the floor and quiet wing.

The late-night mbira gatherings will take place in the lower floor lounge in Sequoia Commons, a free-standing building on the other side of Stadium Drive from the dorms. Download a map and directions to the residence halls here. Short HD video tours of the accommodations in the residence halls are available here.

Registering for Double or Triple Rooms

Housing will be purchased by the room, not by the individual. This means that a single person who signs up for a double or triple room will be charged the total cost for however many nights the room will be occupied. When you register, you will be asked whether you need to purchase a room, or if you are rooming with someone (who is the person paying for the room). Please note: you choose your roommate(s), not us! The registration system will allow you to name your roommate(s) so that they may pick up their own room key from WOU personnel.

WOU Housing policy states that “rooms are to be occupied only by guests for whom they are reserved. The maximum number of guests in a room is not to exceed the number of beds placed in a room by the University at the time of check-in. Violations will result in additional charges or possible eviction of additional guests.” In other words, no more than three people may stay in a triple suite, no more than two  in a double room or suite, and only one in a single.

For 2018 Zimfest housing rates, see Festival Costs.

Ackerman Hall

WOU’s newest dormitory, Ackerman was the first large-scale residential hall in the nation to receive a LEED Platinum rating for Environmental Stewardship. Ackerman offers traditional residence hall style rooms available in single or double occupancy only. Each wing has 22 rooms with a common lounge area, shared community bathrooms separated by gender, and a private ADA accessible single bathroom at each end of the wing as well. There is a shared kitchen in the common lounge area on the fourth floor, which Ackerman residents may access from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day (use the west elevator). Download floor plans for Ackerman here.

Butler Hall

Butler Hall offers suites with outside entrances, private bathrooms and shared sleeping areas for two people.  These rooms have small kitchenettes. The floor plans for Butler can be downloaded here.

Barnum Hall

Barnum Hall offers suites with outside entrances,  private bathrooms and shared sleeping areas for three people.  There are no kitchenettes in Barnum. The floor plans for Barnum can be downloaded here.

Linen Packages

All rented rooms will be provided with linen. A linen package includes: pillow with pillowcase; two sheets; fleece and cotton blankets; a set of towels and washcloths; soap and a drinking glass. Zimfest guests needing extra linens may request them at the Residential Service Center (see below).

Family Discount on Housing

If your family (at least one parent with two or more children below the age of 12) wishes to request a family housing discount, please contact us at gro.t1550453132sefmi1550453132z@gni1550453132suoh1550453132 before you register and pay for housing, so that we can determine your eligibility and enter up to 20% off your housing costs for you.

Internet Access

Each room is equipped with free, high-speed wireless internet access. You can set up access by connecting to the wireless network “wou-guest-open” which will walk you through the steps to complete registration. Computers are available for use in the The Residential Computer Lab, located on the ground floor on the north side of the Valsetz Dining Hall (in the same location as the RSC mail room). Contact the Conference Services office (in the Residential Services Center – see below) for internet assistance.

Tent and RV Camping at WOU

Zimfest 2018 is pleased to offer a limited number of tent campsites as well as RV parking on the WOU campus.

  • The registration fee for each tent or RV will be $10 per night.
  • Please pre-pay through online registration for all nights you wish to camp or park your RV.
  • When you arrive at Zimfest, go to the housing check-in (see below) where you will be issued a camping pass.
  • Tents may be pitched on the practice football field between the football/track stadium and parking lot F. No tents outside of this area please!
  • RVs can park in Lot G, just west of the football/track stadium. There will be no hookups for water, sewer or electricity.
  • You must display your camping pass prominently on your tent or dashboard.
  • No grilling or cooking equipment allowed in the camping area!
  • Restrooms and showers will be open in the New PE building (just north of Lot G) for campers’ use from 7-9:30 a.m. and 5-7:30 p.m. Thursday evening through Monday morning. Restrooms in the Stadium are open 24/7; portable toilets will also be available for use 24 hours a day in the Grove, the location of the Marketplace and Zimfest outdoor stage.

Important Info About Housing Check-in and Check-out

If you have registered for rooms, camping and meals, check in to pick up your keys, fobs (building passkeys) and meal cards at the Ackerman Hall Help Desk on Thursday from noon to 5 p.m. or Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Go to the WOU Residential Service Center (RSC) at all other times. The Ackerman Help Desk is on the ground floor right inside the southeast entrance to the building. The RSC is located on the lower level of the north end of the Valsetz Dining Hall and houses the Conference Services Office. Their staff are on duty from 7:30 a.m. to midnight every day. If you should arrive after midnight (not advised!), signs posted at the RSC will indicate after-hours numbers to reach staff who are on call. You may contact the RSC at (503) 838-8363 during normal working hours.

You must be out of your rooms no later than noon on the day that you depart. You may check out of your housing by turning your key, fob and meal card in at the Ackerman Help Desk or the RSC anytime during their working hours. A box will be placed in the Zimfest Registration area for your convenience to turn in keys and cards on Sunday and Monday mornings.

Lost Key Charges: $75 will be charged for each Ackerman Hall room key and fob that is not turned in; the fee for a non-returned Butler fob and key is $50. Please turn in your key, fob and meal cards upon departure – do not leave them in the rooms!

If you have any questions about Zimfest housing at Western Oregon University, contact gro.t1550453132sefmi1550453132z@gni1550453132suoh1550453132 – please do not call or e-mail WOU personnel.

Online registration for housing (including camping) and meals must be completed and paid for by Friday, July 20, 2018.