2020 Festival Costs


Registration Fee $15 per person Required when signing up for workshops, housing or meals. This fee is waived for Zimfest Association members, those only buying concert tickets or those only signing up for volunteer shifts.


Most Workshops $17.50 per hour
Presentations $10.00 per hour

July 11, 2020 is the last date to register online for housing and meals.

Meals (at The Greenery)

Meal Plan Prices

All Zimfest participants staying in the dorms must purchase meals from Evergreen dining services.
Those staying two or more nights must choose between the following plans:

  • All-Meal Plan ($142.85 adults; $91.37 children 6 years and younger) consists of 11 meals: Thursday dinner through Monday breakfast.
  • Two meals for each night (any combination of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner for each night you stay in the dorms)

Individual Meal Prices

  Adults (7+) Children (6-)
Breakfast $11.29 $7.09
Lunch $12.47 $7.91
Dinner $15.07 $9.82

Onsite cash prices will be more expensive than pre-purchased meals.

» On-Campus Dining


All Zimfest participants renting Evergreen rooms will be housed in Residence Hall A and Apartment Buildings E-U.

You must sign up and pay for your housing ahead of time through online registration. Evergreen cannot guarantee that rooms will be available to rent onsite.

All prices are per room, per night, and all rooms will have linens supplied. Evergreen housing policy states that “children 11 years of age and older must occupy a bed and will be charged the full adult housing rate. Those under 11 years are allowed to sleep in their parent’s room on the floor. Extra bedding may be rented by individual participants through the Evergreen Guest Services office.”

Residence Hall A

Traditional residence hall rooms with shared community bathrooms.

Room Type Cost
Single $54.00
Double $94.00

Apartment Buildings E-U

Four- or six-bedroom apartments with private (lockable) bedrooms to be rented separately, a living room, shared bathroom and a kitchen with sink and refrigerator.

Suite Type Cost
Bedroom in six-person apartment $63.00
Bedroom in four-person apartment $65.00

Lost Key/Card Charges: The fee for failing to turn in (or losing) a room key is $125.00! The fee for failing to return a meal card is $15. Please remember to turn in your key and card upon departure. Do not leave them in the rooms!

Family Discount on Housing

If your family (at least one parent with one or more children 11 years or younger) wishes to request a family housing discount, please contact us at before you register and pay for housing, so that we can determine your eligibility and enter up to 20% discount off your housing costs.

» On-Campus Housing

Afternoon Concerts

Afternoon concerts are free! No tickets are needed; just show up. Enjoy the African Marketplace too.

Evening Concerts

All evening concerts are inside the Longhouse. Please note that the 2020 Sunday evening concert will be free, by donation only. This is to allow all visiting Zimbabweans, including those holding the B-1 visitor’s visa,  to be able to perform in a concert free and open to the public as the visa requires. Please donate generously if you attend the Sunday evening concert!

Evening Concert Tickets (Ages 0-5 free)

Adult (12+) Ages 6-11
Friday or Saturday Evening; prepaid $18.00 $9.00
Friday or Saturday Evening; at the door $20.00 $10.00
Sunday Evening Free: recommended donation Prepaid $18.00 $9.00
Sunday Evening Free: recommended donation at the Door $20.00 $10.00
Evening Performer:
Admission for night of performance
Free Free
Daytime Performer:
Admission for choice of one evening concert
Free Free

You may purchase tickets in advance along with your online registration, or you may buy them at the door. All tickets at the door are one price, regardless of performer status. Performers eligible for complimentary entrance must be listed on the band roster prior to the festival and may enter only one concert for free. Zimfest is grateful to all performers who opt to donate the cost of concert tickets rather than claim free admission.