Festival Costs


Registration Fee $15 per person Required when signing up for workshops or housing. This fee is waived for Zimfest Association members.


Most Workshops $17.50 per hour
Presentations $10.00 per hour


McNary Hall

Single Room $42.00 per night
Double Room $66.00 per night
Triple Room $96.00 per night

Lost Key/Pass Card Charges

The total fees for failing to turn in (or losing) a room key and pass card amount to $90.00! Please remember to turn in your key and pass card at the check-out times shown on the schedule. Do not leave them in the rooms!

Family Discount on Housing

If your family (at least one parent with one or more children 11 years or younger) wishes to request a family housing discount, please contact us at before you register and pay for housing, so that we can determine your eligibility and enter up to 20% discount off your housing costs.

RV Parking

The charge for RV parking (no services or hookups) is $12 per night.

Meals (at McNary Dining Center)

Meal prices are the same for all ages. Pre-purchased meal plan prices are the same as onsite cash prices.

Meal Plans

All-Meal Plan $115 11 meals: Thursday dinner through Monday breakfast
Lunch and Dinner
Friday through Sunday
$69 6 meals: three lunches and three dinners
Weekend Plan $63 6 meals: Saturday breakfast through Sunday dinner

Individual Meals

Breakfast $8.50
Lunch $11.00
Dinner $12.00

Afternoon Concerts

Afternoon concerts are free! No tickets are needed; just show up. Enjoy the African Marketplace too.

Evening Concert Tickets (Ages 0-5 free)

Adult (12+) Ages 6-11
Friday, Saturday or Sunday Evening (suggested donation) $18.00 $9.00
Evening Performer:
Admission for night of performance
Free Free
Daytime Performer:
May request free ticket for choice of one evening concert
Free Free