June 8, 2014 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2014 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Minutes Synopsis

Members in attendance: Jennifer Kyker, David Simon, Tsitsi Hantuba, Dana Moffett, Paul Mataruse, Amy Robinson, Jacqueline Fallon, Alex Weeks
Non-voting members in attendance: Claire Jones

1) David is working on an article on the board activities for the festival guide.

2) Review of May minutes and synopsis—approved after spelling error is corrected.

3) ZF organizing committee update—Claire—259 people have registered for at least one thing so far. One group has signed up so far under the teacher’s membership.

Publicity—Claire has arranged for a press release to be sent out to the Tacoma area. Another will go out 1½ weeks before the event.

The sound contract is with Audio from Eugene—we have worked with them before.

Hospitality details are being worked out for Mokoomba.

Claire is working on a number of logistical issues for the festival with UPS including the marketplace location, storage spaces and transport of instruments. UPS is not being as helpful as we anticipated from the initial contract negotiations.

Certificate of insurance—needs to be done by June 24.

Betty Weiss is editing the festival guide with assistance from Deb Dellmore on the layout.

How are we doing at this point compared to past years? Alex feels we are about the same as last year in terms of registrations.

Claire sent a reminder to Larry and Gretel to post to the blog and website: June 23—last date to register and purchase a guaranteed room.

4) Budget review—There have been a few changes in terms of cancelled workshops. Claire will not replaced Erica’s cancelled workshops due to low enrollment in mbira classes so far. The marimba workshops are filling, so others may be added. The current number of workshops is up to date.

We reviewed the “workshops” folder from the 2014 Zimfest Budget v09. Profitability of workshops and concerts will be analyzed at some point.

Tuition without linens tab reviewed—changes are highlighted in yellow.

David asked whether Tsitsi can show what financial impact the Zimpass had after the festival.

We budgeted Mokoomba for an attendance of 300 people.

Also noted—we are not allowed to sell concessions during the concert. The physical layout makes it difficult to sell drinks. Last year, drink sales seemed popular. But we lost money on last year’s refreshments due to the high cost for staffing.

5) Pre-fest Class Policy Discussion—David—the current policy regarding groups that want lessons with instructors before Zimfest does not entail any fee to the groups. Zimfest makes the arrangements and the group and teacher negotiate compensation. Pre-fest workshop frequency has varied over the years.

We had a lengthy discussion on these issues.

Claire informed Joel that Zimfest rates would be charged for participants and the teachers will be compensated the same as during the festival.

Summary of our proposal: starting in 2015, a per-workshop fee will be charged for pre-fest workshops if this involved coordination or material support. We will ask for a recommendation of the amount after the festival. There also needs to be some language addressing teaching that occurs during Zimfest.

6) Cash management at the festival—David was responsible for this at the last festival. There were at least 3 different cash boxes. David had to run around and drop them off and pick them up each day.

Taxes and travel invoices for reimbursements could also be prepared and ready by the festival. Claire says that a lot of teachers expect to be paid by the end of the festival. It is difficult to reconcile compensation until after the festival, because participants may enroll during the festival.

Claire says we can put out the word that we can no longer pay at the end of the festival. Only teachers on the B1 visa will be paid cash. The rest will be paid by check 2 weeks after the festival.

This year we have a little over 30 teachers. If we start at noon on Sunday, maybe we can sit down and organize the payment before they leave.

We might put this policy change into writing and into the contracts for next year.

Next meeting: July 13, 6-8 pm PST