How to Register for Zimfest 2023

Before registering, please read all instructions on this page, as well as informational pages related to what you want to register for. Start with the links under Learn About Festival Offerings below. See our refund policy for information on what we will and will not refund.

Register Early: Zimfest participants are strongly encouraged to register online before the festival, as many workshops fill up long before the end of the registration period.

Online registration closes on July 25th. After that date, you cannot register (or make changes) until August 3rd at the Zimfest registration desk at OSU.

Zimfest Has Gone Green: There will be no printed registration packets this year. Please print your registration information and volunteer shifts prior to the festival and bring them with you. Find your Zimfest Registration Confirmation email from . If you don’t have your confirmation email anymore, you can either: (a) log into the Registration Manager; or (b) email to request that it be re-sent.

Learn About Festival Offerings

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Figure out what you want to enroll in by reading about the festival and workshop details. Use the links in the main menu or these:

Register Using RegFox

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Zimfest uses a registration system called RegFox. Workshop descriptions are not available within registration, so you should know what you want to enroll in before you register. Use Zimfest Registration to:

  • Join, renew, or verify ZA membership
  • Reserve on-campus housing, RV parking, and dining
  • Enroll in Zimfest workshops
  • Purchase evening concert tickets
  • Pay for all of the above
  • Register multiple participants (people)
  • Return later to register for more or to make changes

Go to Zimfest New Registration


You must pay in full with a credit card when you register. You cannot hold rooms or places in workshops without paying for them. Please note that your registration account will be tied to the email address you enter in the billing/credit card section.

Making Changes to Your Registration

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RegFox Accounts and Making Changes

When you finish registering for the first time, RegFox creates an account for you. In order to make changes to a registration, you must first claim your account. To do so, follow the link at the bottom of your receipt email, or click the button below.

Go to Registration Manager

  • Once you’ve claimed your account and logged in, you will be taken to the “Registration Manager,” where you can make changes to any of the registrants in your account. Be forewarned that there will be short wait times after logging in and after selecting a registrant to view or to edit.
  • After you have made changes to your registration and saved them, click on “resend confirmation email,” so that you will receive documentation of all changes.
  • Hot tip – If you have registered for one workshop and want to switch to a different workshop within the same session: go to the Registration Manager and edit your Registrant. Click on “None” within that session to zero out the first workshop and its charge. Then you can select the new workshop. If it is the same price you will have no problem submitting the change.
  • Caution: If you want to add or make any changes to a registration you have already completed, click on the “Go to Registration Manager” button directly above these bullet points. Do not go back to the initial (New) registration page to enter new information. RegFox would treat it as a brand new registration and create a duplicate participant; there would be no way to prevent double-booking of workshops or rooms.

How to Register Multiple People

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You can include any number of people you are paying for under your RegFox account, no matter your relationship. To register multiple people, fill out the New Registration form for one registrant, click Save, and in the pop-up message (you may need to scroll up to find this), click “Add Participant” and fill out the form for the second participant. You may add as many participants as you like.

Sign Up for Volunteer Shifts

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Volunteerism is at the heart of every Zimfest – volunteers help organize and run this entire festival! Please sign up. To sign up for volunteer shifts:

  1. Go to the Volunteer Sign-Up page.
  2. Read the descriptions and find a task you would like to do.
  3. Find a time (shift) when you want to work, then click the “Sign Up” link. A short sign-up form will appear.
  4. Fill out the form (all fields), then click the “Sign me up” button. You will receive a confirmation via email that says what you signed up for; it also includes instructions for how to remove yourself, if needed. When you go back to the main sign-up page, your name appears beside the shift.

We hope your registration process goes as smoothly as possible. If you need help, please email .