November 10, 2019 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2019 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: Jacqueline Fallon, Chris Halaska, Tendai Muparutsa, Mandy Walker-LaFollette, Janis Weeks, Alex Weeks
Members Absent: Daniel Lockley
Non-voting member in attendance: Claire Jones

Review Agenda (All)

Nothing to add

Review October Minutes/Synopsis (All)

Minutes – approved. Synopsis: TBD – approve by email.

Tech Committee Update (Janis)

Team drive migration follow up. Nothing done yet from board documents. Claire has started moving some of the OC documents over. There are contracts with SS# that she is reaching out to the owners to delete those documents. Also, old stage plots are not needed.

Treasurer’s Report (Chris)

Need final budget for 2019. $32,000 for the WOU bill. Waiting on a response from WOU about possible over-charging for meals. Chris ended up doing the taxes last year instead of hiring someone else, so that saved us $500. It ended up not being too hard to do.

WA OSOS Renewal, etc. (All)

It looks like the renewal was submitted on Oct 27th. Claire has a financial reporting spreadsheet to help keep track of other state and federal paperwork that we need to complete.

Board Member Recruitment (All)

Follow up with a few candidates. Anyone else as a possibility? We must have 8+ board members (7 currently) to avoid WA state excise taxes.

End of Year Fundraising Drive? (All)

Daniel will draft the message. Try to send the first message out before Thanksgiving and at least one in December. If the strategy worked last year, lets try to use that and edit the messages slightly. Add the membership email for if anyone has a question on their status.

Zimfest 2020 Update (Claire)

  • We paid the adjusted bill that WOU sent correcting duplicate dining charges and allowing housing discount.
  • Evergreen has finally responded, there will be a site visit with a local Olympian and an agreement signing Nov 15. Outdoor stage venue still tbd
  • Working on constituting OC for 2020. Will have the first meeting in Dec. and shoot for applications to open Jan 2.
  • Keep the same theme for Zimfest 2020: Music Dancing Across Borders
  • Zimfest marimba proposal is to lend one set to Seattle Prep which is starting a marimba program. Margie would refurbish an old bass and baritone, cost to be split between ZF and the school, and request they provide transport of set to and from Zimfest at least for the 1st year.
  • Archiving – set up a Google Drive folder for scans of official historical communications and sensitive material.

Zimfest 2019 Survey Review (All)

Review and discuss some responses.

Next Meeting

Sunday December 8th, 6:30 pm Pacific time on Google Hangouts