April 11, 2021 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2021 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: Daniel Lockley, Jacqueline Fallon, Tendai Muparutsa, Janis Weeks, Mandy Walker-LaFollette, Alex Weeks
Members Absent: Chris Halaska, Cloud Petayi, Drew Turner
Non-voting member in attendance: Claire Jones, Jared Fallon-Muparutsa

Review Agenda (All)

Approve March Minutes/Synopsis (All)


Drum Contract Follow-Up (Alex)

Alex is requesting a photo or scan of a signed contract to have that on file.

Festival Coordinator Contract Follow-Up (Alex)

Claire has signed/uploaded the new contract.

Update from Tech Committee (Janis)

Homepage improvement project – redoing the logo and the banner. The committee found a new person for media curator. Made progress in putting video on the homepage. There are 4 videos that are ready to use. With no Zimfest, there is more time to spend on tech. projects. Project continuation of Jocelyn’s pin map of where groups are located. Another project is a list of people who have attended in the past.

Zimfest USA YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGAsJCuJEsZjKNDBCNIhEXw

Zimfest CD Contract (Mandy)

Ready to send out initial messages and contract to 3 people with their groups songs to look for approval to use on the homepage. The Board reviewed the document together.

Brief Report on WA Festivals Webinar (Claire)

Shuttered Venues Operators Grant – open to arts organizations and venues. This was federal money, but then after reading through the grant further, Claire didn’t think we would qualify since we have money in the bank. Claire needs to access our financials.

Zimfest 2021 Update (Claire)

RAINIER ARTS CENTER for a live-streamed Seattle-area concert? – Claire and Alex visited, gave the date of the last weekend of July – no deposit has been needed.

Could video stream to Facebook, YouTube and/or Twitch (not visible after done streaming).

After5 Radio live streaming possibility? – https://www.after5radio.net – Claire will bring this to the committee and if they think this is a good option then we will move forward with next steps.

ZA is required to hold an annual membership meeting, and the Village meeting at the festival generally meets this requirement –

Zimfest Association Bylaws 4.6:
The annual membership meeting, called the Village Meeting, will be held at the annual festival of the Association (Zimfest). The time and date of the meeting will be set by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Zimfest organizing committee and will be announced at least two (2) months in advance. While not required, a quorum of the Board of Directors is desirable at the Village Meeting.

Since we failed to do so in 2020, Claire suggests we hold a virtual Village Meeting this year in conjunction with whatever festival activities the OC conjures up.

Organizers are scheduled to meet April 20.


D&O Insurance – transferred to new company

We are currently paying $1215/year for Directors and Officers (D&O) & Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPLI), from a firm in Bellingham WA. The most recent policy (“2020….”) It expires on April 15.

The Treasurer Transition committee (Janis, Chris, Claire, Alex) obtained a quote from Tony Core at Farmers Insurance in Eugene, OR. His firm provided our most recent onsite festival insurance, at a better price than the previous insurer. In the forwarded message below, Tony describes his quote for the coverage ($1324) with a suggestion of how we can reduce this by $200 (so, less than our current cost). The deductible is also more favorable than our current policy. Finally, having all insurance policies handled by the same firm would simplify things for the Treasurer.

Forwarded message:
The proposal includes both D&O and EPLI insurance like your current policy does, but one big benefit is our deductible is $0 instead of $1,000.

I would however recommend looking at the shared limit option that would save you close to $200 on the policy. What that means is the D&O coverage and the Employment Practices Liability limit share the $1,000,000 limit instead of each having their own $1,000,000 limit. The likeliness of an organization like yours having both a D&O and EPL claim in the same year is slim, much less both claims exceeding more than $1,000,0000 in those claims.

The TT Committee recommends we go with this policy (with the money-saving option) but would like a Board vote, since these policies are what protect us, as Board members, from personal liability for any claims against Zimfest Association.

Motion: To purchase the quoted 2021/2022 D&O/EPLI policy sent by Tony Core, with the ~$200 savings option. The board voted to change insurance companies.

Treasurer Position (All)

Cloud has been nominated for the Treasurer position and we voted as a board to offer him the position if he is interested. Alex will reach out to Cloud

Next Meeting

Sunday May 16th, 6:30 pm Pacific time on Zoom