July 10, 2016 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2016 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: David Simon, Jacqueline Fallon, Alex Weeks, Paul Mataruse, Rujeko Dumbutshena
Members Absent: Daniel Lockley, Chris Halaska, Janis Weeks, Dana Moffett
Non-voting member in Attendance: Claire Jones

Approval of June 19th Minutes/Synopsis

Board responds by email

Review/Modify Agenda

No changes

Feedback From Skipping a Year in 2017 (David)

Most have heard supportive feedback. Very few have expressed disappointment. Have time for conversation around this topic at Zimfest.

2016 Organizing Committee Update (All)

Online registration opened June 18. As of July 5: 236 registrants, 485 workshop enrollments. Adv. Beg and Int. marimba workshops, beginning mbira selling well; poor enrollments for all other mbira classes. Only 17 volunteer signups online as of 7/5 – message going out today encouraging signing up before the festival. Concert schedule posted yesterday – may boost workshop enrollments. Highlights shows: low enrollments in the assigned workshops, consider signing up for Festival highlights classes – see https://zimfest.org/overview/whats-new/. Mbira Renaissance from Edmonton got their travel funding and have confirmed! (Saturday lunchtime performance). We will hire WOU shuttle van to/from Salem Transit Center to pick them up. Claire and Nora meeting with WOU personnel July 6 went very well – nailed down room assignments, Grove setup, Housing check-in arrangements in Ackerman Hall. They are recommending that we have a person in charge of any housing issue to have keys. No contract yet. Insurance certificate needed. Encouraging newcomers/beginners at Zimfest: two freebie workshops to be offered Friday and Saturday afternoon, one a beginner marimba and one a drum/dance sampler by Clayton Master. Vendor applications are trickling in. Board involvement in the festival: Letters of Appreciation, Lunch or dinner meeting with Zimbabweans, Financial management tasks and spreadsheet, Evening concert ticket-taking, Run focus groups for Zimfest old-timers, Village Meeting agenda.

Claire has been offered and accepted a part time position at UW. Proposing to take a leave of the ZF position and come back as a board member.

Finalizing the Minutes From the Strategic Retreat (Jacqueline)

Respond by email

Begin Discussion on Focus for Our “Off” Year

Finalize venue for 2018 (also propose at ZF for a community to host), work toward bringing Zimbabweans back to ZF who haven’t been here for years.

Next Meeting

September 11