May 8, 2016 ZA Board Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2016 Zimfest Association Board Meeting Synopsis

Members in Attendance: David Simon, Jacqueline Fallon, Alex Weeks, Janis Weeks, Daniel Lockley, Chris Halaska, Rujeko Dumbutshena
Members Absent: Dana Moffett, Paul Mataruse
Non-voting member in Attendance: Claire Jones

Approval of April 10th Minutes/Synopsis

Update a section then send out.

Review/Modify Agenda

No changes.

Improving Volunteer Participation [Carla Starck & Claire]

This is an opportunity for Carla to share what she is currently doing moving towards more volunteer participation. Culture of volunteerism. She had a job as volunteer coordinator for small businesses. She was surprised at how we aren’t really ready to use volunteers. For the past 2 years, participants weren’t able to register to volunteer online when they were registering for workshops. It is important to emphasize how important it is to volunteer at Zimfest. Zimfest attendees think that when they volunteer at a booth that they are volunteering for Zimfest, but it’s not, it’s for that non-profit. This is a misconception that needs to be addressed. Last year everyone had to stop to see Carla as the last stop of registration. She could talk to each person about registering and that is how she also found out that people were volunteering for other non-profits and not Zimfest. She was not pushy but tried to be informative and get people to sign up to volunteer. There are programs that track volunteers, but they don’t communicate well with the program we use for registration. Make an announcement from the day stage to remind the audience to check the sticky note volunteer board at registration. Volunteer buttons are a good idea but work on how and when to hand them out. What motivates people to volunteer? For Carla, her motivation is getting to work with other people. Create a volunteer program, working with others. Have members write articles on the importances of volunteering, Craig L. had a great one. Ways the board can help, by getting a committee together. Carla and Claire have been figuring out ways to decompose tasks, work in progress. Youth group volunteers – could work, but they are getting pulled in other directions with workshops and performance. Maybe just point the leaders to the sticky note board to have their students check. Include a write up in the registration guide about the sticky note board.

Brief Treasurer’s Report [Janis & Chris]

Money will get transferred soon. Gary Spalter might help with taking over the payroll. Rebecca Peace from Bellingham sent in a donation for a Zimbabwean guest. A handwritten thank you is best. Alex remembers getting one from Moscow 2012. 2016 budget is now in money minder.

2016 Organizing Committee Update [Claire]

We did not receive the Siletz grant. WOU – housing does not have a permanent person, Claire and Jake thought they had communicated clearly the needs of Zimfest, but they responded with other items that were not discussed. If we wanted to be able to have walk ins we would have to guarantee payment. We still have not received room assignments yet. By April last year we had them. Then they had forgotten that linens were going to be provided for each room. Contract had been promised but has not been received yet. Workshops are scheduled in a grid. The concert schedule is almost finished. Notifications and contracts are close to going out for them to check for any conflicts. There will be no lunch time concerts because we aren’t allowed to bring lunches outside. Lunchtime has been lengthened. One festival highlights show will take place at the afternoon stage, pre-selecting which classes will be good performances, advertise it in the festival guide so that people are more prepared. Larry has been working on the volunteer website that is part of wordpress. John Hatten has been helping with an online vendor application. Alex has been rewriting code for registration process. We need the data from WOU to continue moving forward. Maybe more face to face meetings with all involved at the university is needed, grounds crew or maintenance was not involved in the last meeting.

Fundraising Update [Jacqueline]

Rubatano Center on Whidbey Island raised $500 for Project Kudzana at their Marimba Cafe on March 26! Special guests Simba Kamuriwo from Zimbabwe & Anzanga from Seattle helped rock the house! Sadza Marimba is donating $200 from their band fund to help bring our Zimbabwean friends to Zimfest. Another $300 was contributed by students and friends of the Singing Wood Marimba Centre at their recent Student Showcase, collected by their teacher, Laura Mallon. Santa Cruz, CA is happy to support Zimfest any way we can! Add the above treasurer’s report donation of $760. Please continue fundraising efforts.

David had a conversation with Randy and Amy about getting Coloradans’ involvement. There are actually a number of groups from Colorado that apply to perform for the afternoon and evening. There is an incentive for them to come when they perform.

Minutes for the Strategic Retreat [David]

We will summarize points from the retreat to post as a separate message to membership.

Strategic Gathering Follow-up [David]

Next time:

  • Review Key Opportunities for Strengthening Zimfest
  • Bringing New People to Zimfest – Follow-up and Actions
  • Increase Average Workshop Enrollment – Follow-up and Actions

Next Meeting

June 12, 6-8pm PST