What’s New at Zimfest 2020

Sunday Evening Free Concert

Sunday, Aug 2, 7:30 p.m. – Midnight in the Longhouse

The Zimfest 2020 Sunday evening concert will be free admission, by donation only. There will be no restrictions as to who may perform; we are doing this to include those Zimbabweans whose visas do not allow them to perform in ticketed concerts. To make it sustainable, we need your help as audience members. We ask that you donate the same amount that tickets cost for the Friday and Saturday ticketed concerts: currently $18 in advance, $20 onsite for adults. For more information, see the explanatory blog post here.

Encouraging Families at Zimfest

Zimfest recognizes that it can be a financial hardship for families to bring their children to the festival. To make Zimfest more truly family-friendly, we have collaborated with Evergreen to introduce discounted meal prices for children 6 years and younger, shown on the Festival Costs page. We have also made it easier to qualify for the discount on housing for families. You now only need one child below the age of 12 (that is, 11 or younger) to be eligible. See the On-Campus Housing page for more information.

In addition, if you are registering your child aged seven or under for a Children’s workshop, the accompanying adult can now register for free. See About Workshops (Children’s Workshops) for details.

Housing Changes and Reminders

Sorry, Tent and RV Camping are not allowed on the Evergreen campus, nor is sleeping overnight in cars. For information on nearby campgrounds, see Off-campus Housing and Dining.

No on-campus housing will be available at the festival. You must sign up and pay for your housing ahead of time through online registration, as there will be no Evergreen rooms available to rent onsite.

Music Dancing Across Borders