Zimfest 2019 Fundraising Challenge

Zimfest 2019 fundraising has been off to a slow start, but we have a fantastic group of Zimbabweans coming to teach and perform that we need your help to support while at Zimfest. Here’s the challenge, if we hit 20 new donations by the end of May we would unlock a $500 gift. You can enter a one-time gift or choose the monthly recurring option at https://zimfest.org/about/support-zimfest/. Don’t forget about renewing your Zimfest membership if you haven’t done that yet for the year. The Zimfest Board thanks you for all your support.

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2 Comments on “Zimfest 2019 Fundraising Challenge

  1. Jacqueline Fallon says:

    Will you join our 6 new donors to help support our Zimbabwean teachers and performers this year? Thank you, from the ZF Board and Organizing Committee.

  2. Jacqueline Fallon says:

    Help us support our Zimbabwean teachers and performers. Will you be one of 11 more donors that we need to reach 20 to help us unlock $500 by May 31st? Any amount is appreciated. If you have already donated, thank you.