Zimfest 2023: survey, lost & found, and volunteer opportunities

Dear Zimfest Community,

Thank you so much for showing up strong at Zimfest 2023!

To all attendees–as well as those who could not make it this year–please complete this survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and helps to improve the festival.

A number of items were left at the festival.  If you are missing anything, please reach out to Janis Weeks janis{at}zimfest{dot}org with a description so that we can return it to you.

Zimfest runs on volunteers; if you have any ability or interest in helping, please reach out here:


Alex Weeks
Board President

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3 Comments on “Zimfest 2023: survey, lost & found, and volunteer opportunities

  1. Nancy D. Steele says:

    I may have left two items at OSU:
    1. A pale pink Land’s End short-sleeve short-length nightgown (it has several tears, but I love wearing it too much to toss it).

    2. A pair of lightweight, moon-patterned-purple and turquoise pants. We were in MaClary Hall, Room 321.

  2. Janis says:

    Nancy & others, Larry is correct—anything left in dorm rooms should be reported to OSU lost & Found, link above. The Zimfest Lost & Found mostly contains items left in workshops, at registration & at the concert venue. If in doubt, email me janis(at)zimfest(dot)org with a description of your item(s)(Nancy, I don’t have the clothing you listed). Two lost Zimfest items have already been reunited!