Three Days Until Zimfest

Dear Zimfest Community,

Zimfest is only three days away, and even though we are still processing the loss of Martha Thom Mafuleni, there are a few announcements to make:

Weather/Heat: Corvallis has forecasted highs of 92-96°F (33-36°C) for the entire weekend. Please come prepared with plenty of water and sunscreen for the concerts and a fan for sleeping.

Mosquitos: There may be mosquitos at the outdoor concerts (afternoon, and evening), consider bringing long-sleeved shirts, pants, or insect repellant.

Parking for RVs (and others): There has been a slight change of procedure for those who signed up for RV parking: you will be sent an email with guidance on how and and where to park in the designated lot at Adams Ave. NE, (see map on housing page) and will not have to register online as we were initially told. Those who have registered online for parking in the OSU “B” lots may also park in the same lot.

Village Meeting: This year’s village meeting will be held on Sunday, August 6th, at 9:30am in McNary Dining Center. The Zimfest Association Board and Organizing Committee will share updates, and receive feedback from the community.


Alex Weeks
Zimfest Board President

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