LAST CHANCE for a 2023 tax-deductible donation!

Do you want to support Zimfest? Of course you do! Every time you participate in Zimfest you enjoy and experience the fantastic music and culture of Zimbabwe without having to travel to Africa. Think about all the money you have saved on airfare, and consider donating some of it to keep Zimfest going strong for years to come.

The engine that drives the Festival is the Zimfest Association. It consists of a team of dedicated volunteers who put the Festival together. We bring Zimbabwean teachers and artists here to share their music and culture through teaching and performing. Our community is enriched in so many ways, and we are able to provide financial support to Zimbabwean teachers and artists.

A healthy Zimfest Association has the means to provide financial support to Zimbabwean teachers and artists during non-Festival years, too, by presenting online programming. Your support can help provide these opportunities.

Your support also is important for the health of the organization itself, which still incurs fixed operational expenses in non-Festival years. Donations at this time will also help cover the 2023 Festival deficit.

Please consider giving your support to Zimfest Association by giving an end of year tax deductible here.

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