Final Viewing Period for Zimfest Online

Hello good people,

Today (Oct 19)  is the last day you can register for and view the second set of Zimfest Online recordings. Tuesday October 20 is the beginning of the three-week registration and viewing period for the final three Zimfest Online sessions listed below, ending November 9.  

  • Anesu Ndoro – Animality & Humanity: Zimbabwe’s Folktales As Avenues For Social Reflection

  • Claire Jones – A Social and Acoustic History of the Kwanongoma Marimba in Zimbabwe

  • Tedd Judd – Wrapping the Western Mind, Body, Soul, and Community Around Zimbabwean Music

Check out complete descriptions of all the sessions along with presenter biographies on the Zimfest Online page. Once you register for a recording (donation requested), you will be able to view it at any time you wish during the three-week period it is available.

P.S. Be on the lookout for the next edition of Zimfest is Family, featuring the newest member of the Zimfest Family!  Coming soon!

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4 Comments on “Final Viewing Period for Zimfest Online

  1. Tina Gospodnetich says:

    Please, will you give me datails how to sign up for Todd Judd’s presentation this month? Unfortunately I missed the connections on line.
    Thank you, Tina Gospodnetich

    • Claire Jones says:

      The three-week registration period for viewing the final three Zimfest Online recordings, including Tedd Judd’s, starts tomorrow, Tuesday October 20. So you haven’t missed it! You will be able to register for and view it from October 20 – November 9.

  2. Tina Gospodnetich says:

    I thought I’d promptly registered to see the Todd Judd video. If I am mistaken, please how to I learn about it to explain why I haven’t received notification how to connect with it? Thank