Maharimba Instruments for Sale

Greetings friends,

The Maharimbas of Corvallis, OR have retired after 30 years of performing, and are selling their marimbas. The set consists of five instruments, all Padauk keys:

Bass from C (bottom note), D E F G A B C D E (top note)
Comes with a strong bench

Baritone from G (bottom note) to A B C D E F G A B C D E (top note)
Comes with a strong bench

Two tenors, one lead—all have three octaves, with no F#

There is also a set of Matador Timbales on a professional stand, and a set of percussion instruments on a professional stand—2 bells and 3 blocks, and room for more.

Finally, there are 2 sets of bass mallets, and 2 sets of baritone mallets. Everything is in good working order. PVC pipes underneath, keys, etc.

The Maharimbas

These instruments were made by Peter Bush in Estacada.

We are offering the full set for $1650, or any best offer over that! Will deliver to most places in Oregon for the cost of fuel. Please contact Sara Swanberg via email at saraswan (at) casco (dot) net.

This message is posted on behalf of Sara Swanberg and the Maharimbas  while we wait for Dandemutande to come back online!

Fambai zvakanaka Maharimbas!

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