Join or Renew Now During Our Annual End-of-Year Membership Campaign

Dear Zimfest Association Friends and Members,

Giving Tuesday is almost here and it’s also a good time to think about renewing your Zimfest membership. We welcome new members too! We don’t have auto-renewal available yet, but that is something we are working towards for the future.

We hope you are doing well and have found this year challenging as well as thought-provoking, given the many newsworthy events both in Zimbabwe and the USA! This will be our sixth year running the Zimfest Association’s Annual Campaign and Membership Drive. Thank you for your support in a very successful ZF 2018. While the festival itself provides some income to the association, these funds are simply insufficient to help sustain and grow the Association and the Festival. Last year the support from thirteen donors and members gave $1795 by the end of the year which is equivalent to providing all weekend meal plans and housing during Zimfest 2018 to only seven Zimbabwean guest teachers and performers. There are three ways you can help; by renewing your membership, becoming a new member and making a donation.

Our long term goal is to have the majority of Zimfest participants be members of the organization. We have seen an increase in previous years. It is our hope that a healthy dialogue about the festival and Association can emerge from a membership that feels a sense of ownership in the Zimfest Association. Membership covers the calendar year January 1st through December 31st. Membership dues are an essential part of keeping Zimfest alive and vibrant. From as little as $10.00 per year for our Youth/Student membership, there are membership categories to fit any budget and situation! Consider Regular, Family, Couple, Teacher, Lifetime, and Lifetime Family memberships. It’s also easy to add a donation to your membership payment. Members may choose to have their names published on the website and in the Festival Guide as a public display of support for Zimfest. Membership fees are 100% tax deductible, for now at least! Please refer to the membership page to renew or initiate a membership. Please write us at if you want to clarify your membership status. Join or renew now for 2019.

Thanks for all you do to help make Zimfest a success. It was great to see many of you at Zimfest!

–The Zimfest Association Board

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One Comment on “Join or Renew Now During Our Annual End-of-Year Membership Campaign

  1. Jacqueline Fallon says:

    Giving Tuesday has come and gone, but don’t forget you can still donate to Zimfest and renew your membership for Zimfest 2019.

    Thank you to those who have already donated or renewed your membership.