ZA Call for Interest in Hosting 2018 Zimfest

Dear Zimfest Community,

As you may know, The Zimfest Association Board decided earlier this year to not hold Zimfest in 2017, to allow us to focus on the long-term success and sustainability of the festival. At the same time, we’re looking forward to Zimfest 2018!

Current options include returning to Western Oregon University (which would require less planning effort than a new site) or identifying a community that can commit to organizing and hosting the festival at some other location. However, because of the lead time required to book facilities, we would like to identify the 2018 festival site and dates by the end of January, 2017. With 2018 taken care of, the Board will continue working on how best to select and rotate among festival venues after 2018.

Thus, we extend a call to all communities to consider organizing and hosting Zimfest 2018. The community will have festival coordination support from the Zimfest board and additional festival volunteers. Information—including pros, cons and/or deal-breakers—on a number of potential venues has been collected over the years here: Venues Researched As Potential Zimfest Sites.

Should you be interested in organizing and hosting Zimfest 2018, we’d love to hear from you via by January 8, 2017. Individuals or communities that express interest will be contacted by the Board for further discussion. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions as well.

With all best wishes,

The Zimfest Association Board of Directors
Rujeko Dumbutshena
Jacqueline Fallon
Chris Halaksa
Tapiwa Kapurura
Claire Jones
Daniel Lockley
Dana Moffett
Evelyn Mukwedeya
David Simon
Alex Weeks
Janis Weeks

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6 Comments on “ZA Call for Interest in Hosting 2018 Zimfest

  1. Mary Kline says:

    I was quite happy with WOU, but if another group wants to organize and find a new site that’s great too!

  2. Kristen Huth says:

    I currently attend Linfield college, which is only about 30 minutes away from WOU, and so that could making planning and such easier if we wanted to have it here. I’m willing to look into more details if there’s any interest

    • Kristen Huth says:

      I checked the spread sheet and it says Linfield is too expensive per person but if there is any interest I can look into it and see if that is still true

  3. John Hatten says:

    And why stop at 2018? I would hope that we could have Zimfest venues lined up for the next 5 years after that as well. I’ll ask around about Zimfest 2020 in Bellingham… 🙂

    • Evelyn Mukwedeya says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your comments. We are definitely looking at sites beyond 2018. Please let us know what you find out about Bellingham for 2020 🙂