Zimfest 2014 Survey Summary

Zimfest 2014 Survey Comments Synopsis has been posted on the ZA Blog.

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3 Comments on “Zimfest 2014 Survey Summary

  1. Two edits to Sept. Minutes:
    –every other year is “biannual” not “semiannual”
    –it is Fort “Worden” not “Warden”

    Also, in a recent conversation, a Zimbabwean teacher/performer mentioned his hesitation to commit to future Zimfests due to falling attendance. He noted the small number of youth musicians recently–that’s the crux of the falling attendance since Boulder 2009. Getting more youth back to Zimfest seems like the main issue of success/fail (other than attendance at evening concerts).

  2. John Hatten says:

    I so appreciate being able to read minutes and the survey summary. Thanks to all of you who are making it happen.

    On the other hand, waiting for minutes to be written, reviewed, approved and then posted means that those of us not on the board are hearing about what’s happening more than a month after it happens. Is the organization willing to risk having a mistake posted until it is found in favor of having more timely information to members and others? If the minutes are prefaced with “DRAFT MINUTES” that should avoid too much confusion.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about next year’s Zimfest. Please send out the word as soon as possible so that we can spread the good news (and volunteer to help)!

    John Hatten