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Have you always wanted to help with Zimfest but don’t have time to join the Zimfest board or be part of an organizing committee? Join me in becoming one of a large group of short-term project volunteers who would be available to help future event planning in a different and creative way. Choose your project! Match your skills and ideas! Have fun! Build the community! Build your resume! Work with others, work by yourself, two hours, one month, etc – your choice. The Zimfest Board has come up with a list of ideas below, or create your own!

Just send an email to za-volunteers [at] zimfest {dot} org if you would like to be part of this valuable team. Let me know your interest and ideas and I’ll help you with your project now or in the future.

Lisa McKerlick
2011 Zimfest Organizing Committee member

Zimfest Association Volunteer Topics (and examples of tasks)

Newsletter(s) content and editing
Sending renewal notices

Fund Raising
Annual Campaign for donations and contributions
Researching funding sources
Grant writing
Speaker to present on Zimfest at donor events?
Fund-raising events?
Zimfest brochure?

Zimfest Sites
Site visits
Liaison w/ site officials?

Zimbabwean Visas
Collecting supporting documentation

Zimbabwean Visitors
Currently this role is assigned to an OC member, but it would be good to have year round communication and assistance for potential visitors


Festival Decorations
Update what we have
New stuff
Storage in between festivals

Special Assignments
Work on special one-time-only projects administered by ZA Board – tbd

Technical Needs
More expertise for the Tech committee
Continue to improve online registration system

Festival Marketing
Targeted marketing (i.e. african student unions, college multicultural centers, etc)
Promotion within community where Zimfest is being held

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