Zimfest Registration Notes

Greetings Zimfesters,

The OC worked hard to get Zimfest Registration open at midnight May 1 as advertised! Those of us up late saw many new members registering for their preferred rooms and workshops. We have a few additional pointers for you:

  • Once you have registered as directed and received your invoice/verification, you will notice it lists all concert prices whether or not you purchased concert tickets. Not to worry, it doesn’t mean you have been charged for tickets you didn’t buy, it is just a quirk of the registration system.
  • If you have registered and would like to change or add to it,  you will need to go to the Registration Manager and claim your account. See detailed instructions under Making Changes to Your Registration on the How to Register page. Be forewarned that there will be short wait times after logging in and after selecting a registrant to view or to edit.
  • We have now published the concert schedule as it currently exists, to help you plan your days between workshops and hanging out at the Outdoor Stage and Marketplace area.
  • And don’t forget to sign up for volunteer shifts once you know your schedule! Volunteers make Zimfest go!

Happy May Day,
Zimfest Coordinator Claire

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