2021 Zimfest Message from the OC

Hi Zimfest Fans,

As I am sure most of you are aware, the Zimfest Organizing Committee has been busy putting together an awesome show for this year, with some great favorite players like mbira master Musekiwa Chingodza, and some totally new folks to Zimfest, like dancer Ndomupeishe Chipendo.

The OC has been hearing from folks that they would much prefer a live event instead of the online show that is being presented.  We get it and completely agree that seeing folks up close and personal would be the best, and we would much rather have a live event as well.  However, it was obvious that we would not be able to get anyone into this country from Zimbabwe by July.  Sadly, the situation is getting worse now, very few Zimbabweans have been vaccinated and Covid is spreading rapidly through Zimbabwe, so our crystal ball was correct.  We also did not know what the situation would be like in July in America either, and the Covid cases have been climbing here as well. 

However, we equally know that our Zimbabwean friends could really use a cash infusion, so let’s support them in any way that we can, which in this case is supporting their efforts to provide us with some great performances and workshops.  On the bright side, this year we are able to present some folks that we have not been able to bring to Zimfest due to cost constraints, but we are able to include them in our online presentation.  So check out our great program schedule for the weekend of July 30 – August 1 and join us.  If that weekend does not work for you, the concerts will be available on demand and you can view them later at a time of your convenience. 

The full schedule and concert lineups have now been published on our website and on our Facebook page.

So let’s enjoy this awesome show and see you all in person in 2022!

Jim Levine and the Zimfest Organizing Committee

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7 Comments on “2021 Zimfest Message from the OC

  1. Betty Weiss says:

    If I know I will be unable to attend on Zimfest weekend, but want to watch the concerts in the future on demand, do I still pay now or can I do that later when they become available?

    • Claire Jones says:

      Either way Betty, the donation buttons will still be there if/when you play the concerts later, and you will still hear the MC ask for donations! Thank you!

  2. Marilyn Kolodziejczyk says:

    Can a person who does not have a Facebook account view the concerts? I am asking for some friends and fellow bandmembers.

  3. Joy Shulman says:

    Please explain how to view concerts “on demand” at another time if the time listed doesn’t work for us? would we pay in advance and get a link to a recorded video on YouTube or what? At this time, it does indeed look like you need a Facebook account.

    • Claire Jones says:

      All five concerts will appear after the festival is over on Zimfest’s Facebook page and will be accessible to anyone. See info on the Concerts Schedule page – upper right corner. You may make donations via the zimfest.org/donations link before, during or after viewing any concert.

  4. Nora Holmquist says:

    The donations link is https://zimfest.org/donate/
    The concerts can be viewed without a Facebook account. However, an account is needed to post comments in the chat.