Drums and Mbira Needed for Zimfest Workshops

Hi all,

Zimfest needs loaner drums and mavembe/gandanga mbira for workshops.
If you have either a conga/djembe drum, or a mavembe/gandanga mbira that you are willing to loan, please bring it to the registration desk Thursday or Friday morning.  We will check it in, label it with your name, and treat it as if it were our own.
Zimfest 2016 Organizing Committee
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7 Comments on “Drums and Mbira Needed for Zimfest Workshops

  1. Nancy Steele says:

    I can loan my gandanga/mavembe mbira for sessions one-six, but will need it returned right after session six.
    Now I just have to remember to bring it! Will put it on my trip-packing list. ?

  2. Claire Jones says:

    Thanks, Nancy! As it turns out, we will not need gandanga mbiras after session 6 anyway. See you soon! Claire

  3. Lynn Wyckoff says:

    I’ll bring a small djembe.

  4. Claire Jones says:

    Great! Thanks!

  5. Marian Grebanier says:

    I can lend a couple of gandangas. Will see if someone coming Thursday from Portland can bring them to Registration.

  6. MyLinda says:

    Pretty sure that I can fit at least one of my congas in the Trooper along with other human “cargo.”

  7. Amy Becker says:

    We have congas and djembes and can loan them out.