Zimfest 2018 Fundraising Drive Update

Greetings, Zimbabwean music fans,

We have another member of the community who has generously pledged to match the next $500 the community raises from July 3rd-10th. 16 of you came through for our successful previous matching challenge. Sharing the message can also help make an impact. Please help us maximize this match towards our goal by making a donation to Zimfest. No donation is too small!! Here are some ways that your donations help.

Prices of Impact
$9.50 – Dinner at Zimfest for 1 Zimbabwean
$24.25 – Meals for a day for 1 Zimbabwean
$640.00 – Housing for 4 Zimbabweans during Zimfest
$1,513.00 – All weekend meal plan for 17 Zimbabwean teachers

To donate, go to https://zimfest.org/about/support-zimfest/.

Thank you for your continued support! from the Zimfest Board

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3 Comments on “Zimfest 2018 Fundraising Drive Update

  1. Jacqueline Fallon says:

    $500 matching update: We have $475 to go to reach our $500 matching goal. This challenge ends on July 10th.

    Thank you to those who have sent in donations to help support our Zimfest Zimbabwean teachers and performers. We hope you are getting excited for Zimfest!

    Thank you for your continued support! ~ Zimfest Association Board

    To donate, go to https://zimfest.org/about/support-zimfest/