Zimfest Updates – 10 Days and Counting!

News from the OC and our OSU hosts:

  • OSU University Housing and Dining (UHDS) has added to their housing check-in times in the McNary Hall Main Lounge to better accommodate Zimfest participants’ arrival times. Their housing check-in (and check-out) hours on Thursday Aug 3 through Sunday Aug 6 will be the same as Zimfest registration hours, spelled out in the Festival Schedule and On-campus Housing pages. Housing check-in for staff and early arrivals on Wednesday Aug 2 remains the same, as does the 9-11 AM final check-out time on Monday August 7.
  • UHDS has agreed to keep the South Entrance of McNary Hall unlocked during the hours that housing check-in and Zimfest registration are open. Enter through this door (see below) if you have not yet checked in or if you are staying elsewhere and commuting.

McNary Hall First Floor

  • All Zimfest participants should visit the Zimfest registration area in McNary Hall whether or not you signed up for housing in the dorm, to pick up your meal plan cards and pre-paid single meal cards. We will also be giving out the Festival handout and map showing the workshop locations and festival schedules.
  • Meal times in McNary Dining Center have increased to two hours apiece: Breakfast 7-9 AM; Lunch 11:00 AM – 1 PM: and Dinner 5:00–7:00 PM. See On-Campus Dining for more info.
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11 Comments on “Zimfest Updates – 10 Days and Counting!

  1. Betty Weiss says:

    One thing I am unclear about is the seating at the evening concerts.Will there be chairs set up on the lawn or all blanket seating?

    • Claire Jones says:

      There is no seating provided at the outdoor concert area. People should bring their own chairs and blankets as they usually do at the afternoon stage.

  2. MyLinda says:

    Will afternoon concert-goers be allowed to set up shade canopies?

    • Claire Jones says:

      Any shade canopies or umbrellas should be located along the periphery or at the back of the audience so as not to impede people’s view of the stage.

  3. MyLinda says:

    MyLinda King managed to leave an entire suitcase at the registration area. It was full of clothes she loaned to Tsungai because the airline lost her bag. It’s a white hardshell style on wheels, small. Does anyone live in Corvallis who would be willing to go to OSU Lost-and-Found to retrieve it?

  4. Jack Peterson says:

    I can go pick it up. Will they just give it to me? Of course I need an address to send it to…


  5. Marilyn Kolodziejczyk says:

    I lost my prescription sunglasses at Zimfest, probably in a black case – please let me know if they have been found. Thanks!