Marimbas for the Zimfest Association

Hello Zimbabwean music enthusiasts,

The Zimfest Association is exploring the possibility of acquiring its own marimbas to be used in workshops during our annual festival. The idea is that we would own one or more full sets guaranteed to be available year after year, which we would keep properly tuned and maintained. To that end, we are seeking donations of individual instruments or groups of instruments. If you, or anyone you might know, has an instrument(s) that you are no longer using, please consider donating or selling it/them at a reduced rate to Zimfest. The Zimfest Association can offer a tax-exempt donation receipt for the donation. If you can’t afford to donate the entire value of the instrument, consider creative ways that you or your group could fund-raise to reimburse you for the donation. Ideas for this could be shared on Dandemutande. Naturally, the instruments we seek would need to be in good condition so that we can build quality ensembles for our workshop participants. Let’s get this ball rolling! Please respond to Margie: nwredwood (at) gmail dot com. THANKS!

Margie Smith

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