Transportation to and from Zimfest

Dear Zimfest community,

As Zimfest 2015 at Western Oregon University draws near, we on the organizing committee have become painfully aware of the challenges of getting to the Monmouth location via public transport. Portland Airport is some 90 minutes away by car; but there is no direct transport link to Monmouth. As we mentioned on our website ( the recommended route is to travel from the airport to Salem by bus or shuttle. The CARTS bus service Route 40, taken from the Salem Transit Center, then connects to WOU (stopping outside the Werner University Center). Here is the WOU link for the Route 40 bus schedule:

Two difficulties with this route have recently come to light: a) the transfer to the Transit Center in Salem may involve a walk of over one mile. This may not be a viable option for many travelers with luggage. b) It turns out the CARTS Route 40 bus service between Salem and Monmouth does not run on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer. Conference Services people at WOU have acknowledged to me the poor transport situation to their campus and noted that taxis are scarce and prohibitively expensive in Salem.

We are advising Zimfest participants who are traveling by public transport and need help with rides to post on Dandemutande. We hope those in Portland and the surrounding communities, aware of the difficulties, can step up with offers to pick people up, either in Portland or Salem. This is best coordinated through Dandemutande. At the festival we will have a ride board for transportation at the end of the festival. If there are any festival-goers who will have cars at Zimfest and can offer to make a run up to Salem (30-40 minutes) or even Portland, please write the organizing committee directly at .

Let’s all work together to make Zimfest 2015 a positive experience from start to finish!
Thank you,

Claire Jones
Zimfest 2015 Coordinator

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