Zimfest Online Viewing Ends Nov 9

Hello Zimfest community,

Here’s hoping that you, like me, are breathing a huge sigh of relief and looking forward to a rosier 2021!

Monday November 9th is the last day to register for the final set of Zimfest Online presentation recordings. If you haven’t taken advantage of our online offerings, take a break from election news and politics in the next two days to learn a bit more about Zimbabwean music and story-telling! Don’t forget to send us feedback on any  presentations you attend by completing the online evaluation form (write us at online{at}zimfest{dot}org if you need help). 

The Zimfest Online Engagement Task Force will be taking a short break before pondering what form Zimfest might take in 2021 as the COVID pandemic continues. If you have ideas for us, please write to online{at}zimfest{dot}org or the ZA Board at board{at}zimfest{dot}org.

Stay well, stay safe, take it easy!

Zimfest Online 



(P.S. – have you seen the newest installment of our Zimfest is Family feature? It includes the newest member of the Zimfest community!)

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2 Comments on “Zimfest Online Viewing Ends Nov 9

  1. Maria Minnaar-Bailey says:

    Congratulations proud parents of baby Muparutsa! Such good news in the midst of the Covid pandemic. I loved seeing all the familiar faces in your “Zimfest is Family” feature. Just missing one: Claire, where is your picture??
    Thanks to all of you for everything you do! And please all stay safe and wear your masks…

    • Claire Jones says:

      Maria, Thanks for the shout out! We conceived of the “Zimfest is Family” feature when we realized how many trustworthy Zimfest volunteers are multi-generational families. No one else in my widely-scattered family has ever volunteered for Zimfest, but my sister Janet Gross has made generous donations on a couple of occasions! You can see photos of me and the other recent organizers on the Thank you Zimfest 2020 Organizers page. Tatenda! Siyabonga!