Zimfest 2022 Archive

African Marketplace

Come explore the African Marketplace, with a wonderful assortment of African art, clothing, crafts, musical instruments, CDs, and DVDs available for purchase. The Marketplace also provides an opportunity to learn about and support nonprofit organizations that are working with the people of Zimbabwe and South Africa. Your purchases from these nonprofits will benefit many lives in Southern Africa.

Marketplace Hours
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday, June 25
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday, June 26

The afternoon stage is at the south end of the grassy area just south of Building C, with the African Marketplace vendors to be located around the periphery of the grass. This area is in the center of the Fairgrounds campus with workshop buildings and restrooms on either side. Parking for Zimfest vendors will be available in the perimeters of Buildings A, B, C, D and F, with the large South Parking Lot open to all other Zimfest attendees.

Kyra Skaggs is the 2022 Onsite Marketplace Coordinator.

2018 Marketplace – photo by Rob Saecker

Zimfest 2022 Marketplace Vendors

Africa Mama

Africa Mama will be selling beautiful handcrafted, handwoven, handcarved African arts & crafts, traditional & fashion clothing, textiles, costume jewelry, baskets, and more. Info:

Haus of HLNE

Haus of HLNE will be selling handmade African jewelry and wares. Info:

Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center

Kutsinhira’s mission is: 1. Teaching and sharing the music of Zimbabwe by providing classes, workshops, performances and lectures; 2. Providing humanitarian relief to disadvantaged communities in Zimbabwe through the Zimbabwe Community Development Project; and 3. Providing music and cultural arts instruction to its local and extended community by hosting teachers from Zimbabwe through its artist-in-residence program. We sell Zimbabwean crafts, Kutsinhira branded t-shirts, hats, hoodies, music CDs and lightly used African clothing. Info: www.kutsinhira.org

Mambokadzi Distributors

Mambokadzi will be selling clothing, arts & crafts, and fabrics. Info:


Marimbaworks will be selling a complete line of quality mallets for playing Zimbabwean-style marimbas, as well as hosho and mini soprano marimbas in multiple tunings. Info: www.marimbaworks.com

Matanho Project

Matanho Project and Friends of Matanho will be selling mbiras, dezes, hosho, leg rattles, African fabric & attire, jewelry, and art. Info: www.matanhoproject.org

Sandals on My Feet

Sandals on My Feet will be selling a variety of musical instruments, baskets, fabrics, clothes, slippers, hats, jewelry and statues from Nigeria and Ghana. Info:

Zimfest Booth

As always, this year’s tee shirts and a limited supply of posters will be on sale at the Zimfest Booth, along with previous years’ merchandise at reduced prices. Zimfest has been fortunate to have had two different individuals donate their collections of African outfits, cloth and miscellaneous instruments to be sold at the Booth. 2022 Booth Coordinator is Carrie Rodlend. Info: