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Covid Safety at Zimfest 2022

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Covid Safety Policies

Last revised: June 14, 2022

The following policies were developed by the Zimfest Association Board and the Zimfest Covid Safety Committee. All Covid Safety policies are subject to change, based on the situation in June. Any changes will be announced on this website. Please send any questions to .

Vaccine Requirement

  • Full vaccination against Covid-19 is required for all Zimfest participants 5 years of age or older.
    • “Zimfest participants” include teachers, performers, workshop participants, indoor volunteers, food/drink and merchandise vendors, workers contracted by Zimfest, and those staying in Campus View Village.
    • Individuals who attend Zimfest but are not “participants” (see above) do not have a vaccination requirement. Unvaccinated individuals will have access to all outdoor spaces at the Fairgrounds and a restroom/shower building.
    • “Full vaccination” is either (1) both doses of a double-dose vaccine (e.g. Moderna or Pfizer) or (2) one dose of a single-dose vaccine (e.g. Johnson & Johnson). Other vaccines approved by the World Health Organization may also be accepted. An individual is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their final dose of vaccine.
    • A Covid vaccine booster is not required.
  • Children under 5 years of age, who are not eligible for Covid vaccination, will have access to all outdoor spaces at the Fairgrounds and a restroom/shower building. The one exception is for nursing infants who may accompany their mothers while attending a workshop.
  • Zimfest is unable to accept Covid test results in lieu of full vaccination.

Mask Policy at Skagit County Fairgrounds & Mount Vernon Senior Center

  • On May 21, the Zimfest Association board approved the following policy for indoor spaces at the Skagit County Fairgrounds and nearby Mount Vernon Senior Center (the locations where workshops will be held):
    We expect all Zimfest participants to mask at all times while indoors at the Festival. Currently, western Washington is experiencing a second increase of Omicron Covid infections. The highly infectious Omicron Covid variants have demonstrated an ability to evade immunity from vaccines, previous infections, or both. Consequently, we are asking for masking at all times when indoors at Zimfest, using N95, KN95 or surgical masks. Zimfest will have surgical masks available. Teachers may require that all participants in their workshops wear masks. We ask this with consideration, allowing us to include as many at-risk members as possible, and holding the best of intentions for a healthy gathering of our Zimfest community. We will depend on each other to uphold this safety standard, and encourage participants to speak up with reminders or requests for indoor masking.
  • In line with this policy, participants should plan to bring a supply of their favorite style(s) of N95, KN95 or surgical masks to the festival.

Verification of Vaccine Status

  • Zimfest participants (see definition above) should submit proof of full vaccination, including an image of an official vaccination record, at this link: Zimfest Covid-19 Vaccination Form.
  • Please submit your proof of vaccination promptly. The vaccine verification form will close on June 17, the same date that online registration closes.
  • For participants who miss the online registration deadline, it will be possible to register for workshops and submit vaccination verification onsite at Zimfest Registration, located near the Fairgrounds north entrance. Please allow extra time for this when you arrive.
  • Zimfest participants will be notified by email when their submitted vaccine status is verified, and will be given wristbands that permit access to indoor spaces at the Fairgrounds. Wristbands will be distributed onsite at Zimfest Registration, after showing photo ID that matches the name on the vaccination record. Individuals 18 years of age or younger who do not have a photo ID can pick up their wristband when accompanied by an adult (e.g., parent, guardian) or their music group director.
  • Onsite Registration will be located in an office with ticket windows, so visitors to Registration will not require indoor access.

Evening Concerts at the Lincoln Theatre

  • As the producer of the evening concert series at the Lincoln Theatre, Zimfest will require proof of full vaccination, or a recent, negative laboratory-provided Covid test, for entry. Full details regarding Lincoln Theatre entry requirements are here https://lincolntheatre.org/film/covid-19-health-safety-policy
  • All Zimfest concert-goers age 5 and older are expected to wear a surgical, N95, or KN95 mask in the Lincoln Theatre at all times unless actively eating or drinking. Masks for children under age 5 are encouraged but not required.

Public Access to the Skagit County Fairgrounds

  • The Skagit County Fairgrounds is open to the public from 8AM – 7PM, with no vaccination or masking requirements per local health regulations.
  • The Zimfest Day Stage and Marketplace will be located outdoors at the Fairgrounds (but see below in case of rain).
  • The public will have access to all outdoor spaces at the Fairgrounds and a restroom/shower building (but see below in case of rain).

In Case of Rain

  • In case of rain, the Marketplace will remain in place while Day Stage performances will move into the Fairgrounds Pavilion, a large (6000 sq. ft.) barn with bleachers (capacity: 600 people) and high ceilings. See Fairgrounds photos (PDF).
  • The public will be allowed in the Pavilion for Day Stage performances, along with Zimfest participants. Masking will be expected for Zimfest participants, and masks will be made available for the general public.
  • Performers or performing groups who are not comfortable sharing this indoor space with the public may decline to perform. The Stage Manager should be informed as soon as possible of this decision.

FAQs About Covid Safety at Zimfest 2022

Vaccination and Verification Questions

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Q Why are Covid-19 boosters not required to participate in Zimfest?

A Although boosters can provide additional protection, Zimfest chose not to require boosters in order to reduce the burden on participants in preparing for the festival.

Q Why does Zimfest require that I submit proof of vaccination in advance of the festival instead of checking my vaccine record when I arrive onsite?

A Zimfest lacks the capacity to efficiently check all participants’ vaccine records onsite. Uploading materials in advance ensures you can quickly check in and receive your wristband at Registration upon arrival.

Q I’m performing on the Day Stage but don’t plan to register for Zimfest or take workshops. Do I need to verify my vaccine status?

A Yes; as a Zimfest performer, you must provide proof of full vaccination.

Q Why is Zimfest requiring Day Stage “contracted performers” to be vaccinated? The audience doesn’t need to be vaccinated and we are all outside.

A To reduce Covid risk, Zimfest requires full vaccination for anyone formally associated with the festival. The risk of outdoors Covid transmission is lower than for indoors but infections can still occur. We also wish to protect stage and sound crew members who will be interacting with performers.

Q Why aren’t you requiring full vaccination for everyone visiting the Fairgrounds during Zimfest?

A We have no authority to do so in outdoor Fairgrounds spaces, as they are open to the public.

Q Will there be unvaccinated people at Zimfest?

A Yes, but they will have access only to outdoor spaces except for a restroom/shower building; in the case of rain, the general public will be allowed in the Fairgrounds Pavilion (see above).

Q What will Zimfest do with the uploaded image of my vaccination record after the festival?

A Per the Zimfest Privacy Policy, vaccine verification materials will be permanently deleted within one month after the festival.

Fairgrounds Camping and RVing

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Q Can I reserve a camping or RV site at the Fairgrounds if I’m not vaccinated? I would love to see everyone and enjoy the outdoor concerts and Marketplace. I can skip the workshops and evening concerts.

A Yes, you can reserve Zimfest camping and RV sites without proof of full vaccination. Vaccination is also not required for individuals staying with you.

Q If I reserve a room in Campus View Village, how can I be certain all my suitemates will be vaccinated?

A Full vaccination is required to reserve a room in CVV.

Workshop Spaces and Day Stage

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Q How much air flow/ventilation is there in the workshop spaces? Please describe.

A Most Fairgrounds buildings are designed for livestock exhibition so are very spacious (see Fairgrounds info and photos). A few spaces, including some at the nearby Mount Vernon Senior Center, will be more classroom-like. Specifics will be available after the workshop schedule is developed. Teachers and workshop participants will be encouraged to keep windows/doors open as much as possible to promote airflow.

Q Can we hold some workshops outside, to lower the risk?

A All workshops will be scheduled to take place inside because of the possibility of rain. However, hosho classes will be advised to go outside, and drum classes will have that option as well.

Q In workshops, do you expect frequent use of hand sanitizer, such as each time an instrument, drum or mallets get passed to someone else?

A Zimfest does not plan to sterilize items between uses but hand sanitizer will be provided in all classrooms.


Do you have a question about Zimfest Covid Safety you’d like answered? Please send it to to receive a personal reply and/or see it posted and answered here in the FAQs.