Zimfest 2022 Archive

Thank You Zimfest 2022 Organizers

Organizing Committee

Claire Jones Festival Coordinator
Nora Holmquist Workshops/Teacher Coordinator
Mandy Walker-LaFollette Registration Lead, Pre-recorded Content Production
Jim Levine, Parker Ediger Concerts Team
Evelyn Keller Volunteer Coordinator
Mark Keller Zimbabwean Guests Coordinator
Kyra Skaggs Marketplace Coordinator
Simme Bobrosky Local Arrangements, Senior Center Contact Person, Publicity
Mark Swift Assistant Teachers and Workshops Coordinator
Lynn Wyckoff Site Coordinator and Signage
The Zimfest 2022 Organizing Committee

The Zimfest 2022 Organizing Committee
Top row (left to right): Claire Jones, Mandy Walker-LaFollette, Jim Levine
Middle row: Mark Keller, Evelyn Keller, Parker Ediger, Nora Holmquist
Bottom row: Simme Bobrosky, Kyra Skaggs, Lynn Wyckoff, Mark Swift


Lisa Nicholson Tee Shirt Orderer
Jaiaen Beck Layout of printed handout
Betty Weiss, Petra Simeon Proofreading
Dana Moffett, Annie Rundberg Zim Guest Hosting
Jake Roberts Sound Equipment Procurer, Registration
Penny Martindale Graphics

Onsite Volunteers

Chris Halaska Evening Stage Manager
Felix Halaska Sound Assistant
Elisha Bobrosky Green Room Queen
Diana Chamrad Hospitality
Carrie Rodlend Zimfest Booth and original crane design
Elizabeth Athair Volunteers Assistant
Adrienne Stewart Registration Assistant
Rachel Hanson Workshop Support
Craig LaFollette Provision of mallets and hosho
Lucas Earl Marimba Wrangler
Jan and Helen Six Camping and RV Concierges, Marketplace Assistance

Many others, too numerous to name, pitched in onsite to help the festival run smoothly. We thank them all! If you are interested in being involved in organizing or running Zimfest, contact or the Zimfest Association Board at .