Zimfest 2022 Archive

Festival Costs


Registration Fee $15 per person Required when signing up for workshops or housing. This fee is waived for Zimfest Association members.


Most Workshops $17.50 per hour
Presentations $10.00 per hour


Tent and RV Camping

Tent or dry RV camping (no hookup or water) $15 per tent per night
RV camping (with water and electrical hookup) $35 per night

Off-Site Dorm Rooms at Campus View Village (CVV)

Single room $55 per night (includes tax plus Covid cleaning fee)

There are four single (lockable) bedrooms in each suite.

$100 fee for lost keys! (They should be left in the rooms.)

Afternoon Concerts

Afternoon concerts are free! No tickets are needed; just show up. Enjoy the African Marketplace too.

Evening Concerts

All evening concerts will take place at the Lincoln Theatre in downtown Mount Vernon. Tickets can be purchased through them only via Lincoln Theatre: Buy Live Performance Tickets.

Evening Concert Tickets (Ages 0-5 free)

Adult (12+) Ages 6-11
Friday, Saturday or Sunday Evening $22.00 $11.00
Three-night package $60.00 $30.00
Evening Performer:
Admission for night of performance
Free Free
Daytime Performer:
May request free ticket for choice of one evening concert
Free Free